Kimberley Walsh talks about Girls Aloud and the “drama” towards the end

by Martin


Former Girls Aloud singer  has spoken about the group dynamic towards the end of the groups career and revealed that there was a lot of “drama”.

The star, who appeared on Strictly Come Dancing on the BBC in 2012 and went on to become one of the shows runner up contestants also discussed earlier in the month that former bandmate Nadine Coyle held the band to “ransom”.

Girls Aloud famously reunited in 2012 for the bands 10th anniversary following a three year hiatus. The girls went on to release ‘Something New’ which was the official single for Children in Need.

They then released their second greatest hits album ‘Ten’ before embarking on their ‘Ten: The Hits Tour’ which would go on to be their last tour as a group. On the 20th of March 2013 Girls Aloud performed their last ever show together at the Echo Arena in Liverpool.


Kimberley Walsh has opened up in an interview with Magic FM about the group dynamic towards the end saying there was a lot of “drama”:

“Every day in Girls Aloud was a drama to be honest!”

Despite the drama though she admitted that performing always helped them sort things out: “As a group and working together it always worked brilliantly for us, something really special happened when all five of us were together performing.”

It was also revealed earlier in the month, an extract from her book  ‘A Whole Lot of History’ that Nadine Coyle changed after she moved to America and it felt like she held the group to “ransom”:

“Originally Nadine and I had been very close but by early 2007 we had drifted apart. I still had the same friends but she was hanging out with a whole new crowd and it just wasn’t the same.”

KWals2h“There was a definite change in her, which became more evident each time she came back from Los Angeles.

The extract continued: “For a long time, the rest of us had felt that she was holding us to ransom, and with the constant whispers of Nadine’s imminent solo deal, we felt as if she was calling the shots, and that the band’s future was in her hands.”

“It was hard for us to accept her need to separate herself from the rest of us, because at that time none of us had considered a solo career, and she never once talked to us about it.”

Take a trip down memory land and watch a classic Girls Aloud video below.