Sky1 has announced that they have commissioned a documentary following Girls Aloud star Kimberley Walsh as she embarks on a revealing and entertaining journey to uncover the truth about the most universal item of clothing in the world – the humble pair of jeans.

KIMBERLEY WALSH – JEAN EVOLUTION will see Kimberley on location across the US and Europe discovering a definitive history of denim jeans, their social relevance and why we love them so much. She will trace the early beginnings of denim, the evolution of jeans, and their changing status from an item worn by early Italian sailors to 1930s cowboys. Along the way she’ll be meeting designers, celebrities and fashion experts and visiting factories and fashion houses in order to get to the heart of our passion for jeans.

Celia Taylor, Head of Features and Factual, Sky1 HD, Sky1, 2 & 3 commented: “Kimberley is gorgeous, funny and charming and I’m thrilled she is doing this film for Sky1. Like every woman jeans are central to my wardrobe and Kimberley’s journey will shed new light on this classic piece of clothing”.

Sarah Murch, Executive Producer, Ten Alps Television, commented: “Everyone has a pair of jeans in their wardrobe, it’s amazing to think that they have never gone out of fashion. This documentary will provide an insightful look into the world of jeans and why we love them so much. ”

Kimberley Walsh added: “I can’t wait to start working on this documentary. Like most British women, I love my jeans but often struggle to find the perfect fit. This programme will reveal the hidden truth behind jeans and will offer lots of advice so we can all find that elusive perfect pair, whatever our shape and size.”