Kings of Leon shocked that many believed they were splitting up

by Martin


US rockers Kings of Leon discuss their recent hiatus’It was amazing how quickly people wrote us off’

Kings of Leon admittedly disappeared off the musical radar for a short while.
The band though spoke with about how quickly people assumed they were gone for good.¬†Kings of Leon are known for some of the biggest tracks including ‘Use Somebody’ and ‘Sex on Fire’ among others.

The band though, like everyone else are only human and at times need to take a break away from the public eye.¬†Speaking with the band explained how quickly a ‘hiatus’ can turn into the band splitting up:

“It was just our time to step away for a second.”


“We had oversaturated the market with Kings of Leon for so long that it was starting to take a toll on us.”

Caleb continued: “If we hadn’t taken that break, it would have been a forced album, something that we just put out there.”

“Because, like I say, we were exhausted. We were spent.”

Drummer of the band Nathan also spoke about how quickly people began to forget about them and how that shocked the band:

“It amazed me how, taking even that small of a break, people were already writing us off.”

“I was getting condolence texts from friends: ‘I’m sorry you broke up, man.”


“Keep your head up, it will all work out.’ I was laughing so hard, because none of us ever thought it was over.”

Kings of Leon, who recently performed at the annual iTunes Festival will release their new album ‘Mechanical Bull’ on the 24th of September (Tuesday).

Back in July they unveiled details of their latest single ‘Supersoaker’ which you can hear below.

What do you think? Did you think the band were splitting up or did you know and believe they were just taking a break?