Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer dress up for the royal wedding

Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer get geared up for the royal wedding.

The TV duo, who are currently presenting new Channel 4 show Vacation, Vacation, Vacation, posed for a photo shoot in this week’s heat magazine.

Kirstie, who admits to being very excited about the impending royal nuptials, said: “We are at Meadowgate – the Homemade Home house – with all four boys. That’s my stepsons and my two boys. They don’t give a monkey’s about the wedding. Whereas I am obsessed. Obsessed. I love everything about it – it’s a wedding. I want to sit there and see what people are wearing, see the dress, the whole thing. Actually, my son said to me the other day, “I’m marrying Jasper” – that’s his friend from school – “it’s better that way so that no one has to wear a dress.” He’s four and a half.”

Phil said: “I want to give the family a day they’ll remember. I remember the Queen’s Jubilee. I would have been five or six, but I remember it as a real community day – everybody out on the streets helping each other, tugs of war and bunting, and everybody having a really jolly time. We’ve tried to shut off the road, but we were turned down by the local council.”

Speculating about the royal dressmaker, Kirstie added: “My designer choice would be Bruce Oldfield. I still believe it’s worth putting a good hundred quid on him. I have no reason to say that at all, but a tiny bit inside me is saying that all this stuff about the brilliant, fantastic woman at Alexander McQueen… I do think she’s amazing – I buy a lot of McQueen – at least one thing a season, but my gut tells me that it’ll be someone a tad more establishment.”