Lacey Turner says she wanted to look like a real lesbian in new drama, Switch, so really went for it!

by Anna Howell

Girl next door Lacey Turner proved she could be as seductive as the rest when her EastEnders character, Stacey Slater, embarked on a steamy affair with her husband’s dad, but now she is out to make her new role even raunchier, as she plays a lesbian in the new drama, Switch!

Turner, who left EastEnders back in 2010, after a pact with her on-screen husband, Charlie Clements – who played Bradley Branning, meant they would both leave when either one of them wanted to quit. Since then she has appeared in an advertising campaign for Royal Mail, as well as starring in supernatural dramas such as Being Human and Bedlam.

And it is with the same supernatural theme with which she hits our screens playing “immaculately dressed” careerist Stella, who is a lesbian!

In the show, set to hit our screens soon, Lacey can be seen getting very intimate with her on-screen girlfriend Lucy (Rosamund Hanson), and was so determined to make the scenes as realistic as possible, she admits she kissed Rosamund as she would do a bloke.

Speaking to the Sun newspaper, Lacey said: “It was really important to me to believe that Stella really is a lesbian. I didn’t want her to look like someone who is pretending to be gay.

“I’m not that way inclined and I’ve never felt the urge to kiss a girl so I did think about it and wonder what the scenes would be like.

“But luckily Rosamund doesn’t really have any fear. So she said to me, ‘Let’s really go for it’ and that’s what we did.

“I had to kiss a girl but in the end it was no different to kissing a boy.

“Their lips are no different. So it didn’t really affect me at all.

“Stella hasn’t been in a relationship for five years. I don’t know whether you’d say she finds love — but she has a right good go at it.”

Switch, is set to launch on October 15 at 10pm, and follows Stella and her flatmates, Hannah (Hannah Tointon), Jude (Nina Touissaint-White) and Grace (Phoebe Fox) who, together, are collectively the Witches of Camden, who are seen casting spells to solve everyday problems and issues.

In one of the most risqué scenes, Stella is forced to meet her ex-girlfriend to try and break a spell over her love life, and ends up developing feelings for her again.

However, despite this, Lacey insists that whilst her scenes with Rosamund are sexy, they aren’t the only ones making the show hot under the collar:

“Rosamund and I do have one or two sexier scenes but Nina’s character Jude is the most sexually active character in the whole programme.

“We leave all of that sexy stuff to Nina — she’s better at it. The most contact the rest of us had with naked actors was filming the summer solstice scenes.”

Lacey explained: “Our characters go to Grace and Hannah’s hometown to celebrate the summer solstice and we were filming with 20 nudists dancing around a bonfire.

“At one point Hannah and I were in the background and started doing terrible things with a sacred scroll.

“We’d been there all day in the freezing cold and I think we were a bit delusional but we were trying to make ourselves laugh and it was hilarious.

“We were wetting ourselves but then we turned round and the whole crew were standing there saying, ‘That’s not funny’. ”

Lacey went on to say how she had really bonded with her co-stars: “We had loads of girl time and it was just a really good laugh.

“I had the best six years of my life on EastEnders and I would never rule out going back.

“But now it’s nice to do things that aren’t so emotionally draining.”

Switch is coming to ITV2 on October 15th, watch the trailer for it in the clip below: