Lacey Turner (Stacey Slater) has nothing planned for after Eastenders!

by Lisa McGarry

Lacey Turner has admitted that she hasn’t lined up any jobs for when she leaves Eastenders.

Stacey Slater will bow out of the BBC soap in a matter of days, in fact 22 year old Lacey has already filmed her final scenes. She previously admitted that she had to leave, after her on screen husband Charlie Clements made his departure earlier this year and like her pal, she wants to take a bit of a break and regroup before forging ahead with any other roles.

Lacey told The News Of The World’s fabulouys magazine:

“I don’t have anything planned, which is how I like it. I just want to have a big rest. And I’d like to try a bit of everything – a bit of theatre would be nice.”

“There’s no point in worrying about leaving now. I’m not scared, I’m excited. It’s the end of one chapter and the beginning of another.

“If it doesn’t work out I’ll just do something else. I only ended up here by accident so I’m not planning anything.”

However Lacey admitted that she will be sad to leave Stacey behind, she has been playing her for six years afterall. She added:

“The producers tried to persuade me to stay but they didn’t manage it! I gave them a year’s notice so they had time to plan. Sometimes I forget I’m leaving then I suddenly remember and start crying.”

“I’m really happy with the way it’s all worked out. It’s just very sad. What you see is what you get with Stacey – and no matter what life throws at her, she picks herself up and carries on. I’m going to miss her.”