Lady Gaga compares recording studio to a hospital and says she is “a very sick person”

by Martin


Lady Gaga has been using social networking site Twitter to her advantage lately. Like most other stars Lady Gaga has been interacting with her fans in the run up to the launch of ‘ARTPOP’.

I’ve lost count now as to how many times Lady Gaga has took time out of her busy schedule to sit and tweet her fans in special Q&A sessions which is what she done last night.

Lady Gaga is due to release her fourth studio album ‘ARTPOP’ next month and the star has already released her first single from the new album ‘Applause’ which appeared to receive mixed reviews.

A few days ago Lady Gaga revealed that the second single from her new album would be ‘Venus’ and prior to that she also revealed the full track listing for ‘ARTPOP’ with the official lyric video for ‘Aura’ – busy or what!.


In the early hours of this morning (14th of October) Lady Gaga took to Twitter for a Q&A with her Little Monsters.

‘ARTPOP’ is due to be released on the 11th of November and the star told her fans that handing over the album for the final time was extremely hard especially after she’d worked on it for such a long time.

She also discussed the emotion that went into the songs and how nervous and anxious it made her when the time came to hand the final product over:

“I think the studio is actually just a hospital and I am a very sick person […] Put a lot of rage into this album. It’s been hard to part from it.”


The ‘Applause’ star also confessed that handing in the final copy of the album left her feeling deflated: “Been depressed handing it in. It’s my friend or something.”

If you haven’t heard it yet then check out the official lyric video for ‘Aura’ below.