International pop sensation Lady Gaga makes Jonathan’s set her own, having it transformed into a farm. The superstar reveals that she’d “die without the spotlight”, tells Jonathan what she does to relax and admits she’s gaga about her godson Zachary…

Lady Gaga is known for her outrageous clothes and extreme behaviour, and her appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show is no exception. Before her arrival Jonathan’s set is transformed to look more like a farm to ensure it’s in keeping with the theme of her new song You and I.

“It’s (the song) about a love affair with a man from Nebraska,” explains Lady Gaga. “It’s all about going back to his home town and in the video there is a beautiful scene in a barn,” she continues.

Jonathan’s sofa is replaced by a hay bale and as Lady Gaga walks onto the set, she brings with her a ram called Kevin.

Lady Gaga is wearing a mint green latex dress, with and a fascinator in her hair that hangs down, looping around her eye.

“I love your outfit,” says Jonathan. “You look like a sexy Kermit.”

“We love your outfits. We love seeing what Lady Gaga is going to wear next,” Jonathan continues. “The meat dress was one of my favourites. It was shocking and memorable.”

“It’s in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (in New York),” says Lady Gaga.

“It was in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame,” Jonathan tells her. “We got special permission to bring it over so we could have it on the show,” jokes Jonathan.

“That is not my meat dress,” insists Gaga as she looks to the green room to see fellow guests Jamie Oliver and Lee Evans take a knife to the replica dress, before TV chef Jamie starts to cook with it!

Jonathan asks Lady Gaga what it’s like to dedicate so much time to being on tour.

“I really need to be on the road. I get really crazy when I’m not,” explains Lady Gaga. “I just love to perform. When you’re passionate about something you just have to do it. I feel sort of irrelevant doing other things. I’ll die without the spotlight.”

Jonathan asks Lady Gaga what she does with her time off and she jokes, “I drink a lot.”

However, Lady Gaga’s not keen to give much away when she’s questioned about her love life.

“Am I right in thinking you like the ladies and the gentlemen?” asks Jonathan.

“Yes,” replies Lady Gaga.

“Are you seeing any ladies or gentlemen at the moment? Is there anyone special in your life?” Jonathan continues.

“You know I don’t talk about my love life, but I’m very happy,” Lady Gaga answers.

“So you’re happy, so you’re seeing someone at the moment?” pushes Jonathan.

“I’m happy,” Lady Gaga coyly responds.

Lady Gaga lights up when Jonathan asks her about being godmother to Sir Elton John and David Furnish’s son, Zachary.

“Zachary’s so beautiful,” says Lady Gaga. “I gave him a bath the other day. It’s so very sweet because you’re giving him a bath and he’s the most beautiful boy ever. It’s so funny because we have this sweet little boat for pouring water to rise soap off Zachary, and as I’m pouring it, Elton is singing Tiny Dancer and I’m thinking, ‘this kid has no clue that his father is such a legend,’” she continues “I could not see a happier family than I see in them.”

On seeing Lady Gaga’s enthusiasm for Elton’s baby, Jonathan asks her if she wants to have children herself.

“No. I’m a maternal person but I’m not feeling the urge to be pregnant,” she says. “Some day I will, but not now. Oh my gosh, the fans would kill me. I’m just not ready. I really want to make at least ten more albums before I do something like that.”

The ever energetic comedian Lee Evans keeps up with the tradition of Jonathan’s guests making spectacular entrances and he bungee jumps from the ceiling of the studio (pictures attached).

Campaigning and award winning chef Jamie Oliver also appears on the show and he’s as passionate as ever about ensuring the nation’s children eat properly.

“When does feeding your kid a life of crap become physical abuse?,” asks Jamie. “You’ll see me doing it (campaigning to encourage healthy eating) until the end of my days,” he adds with determination.