Lady Gaga talks about ‘ARTPOP’ cover and says it’s her favourite

by Martin


Lady Gaga is set to release her fourth studio album ‘ARTPOP’ on the 8th of November and returning to the spotlight recently the star has given her ‘Little Monsters’ a taster of what to expect.

The star returned recently following a hip operation which forced her to cancel various tour dates but she came back with new single ‘Applause’, performed at the MTV VMAs and performed several new tracks from the new album ‘ARTPOP’.

The star has teased her millions of fans by talking about the cover art for her forthcoming album ‘ARTPOP’ by saying it’s her “favourite” out of everything she has released.

Taking to her Twitter account earlier this afternoon (20th September) the ‘Just Dance’ star explained that she will reveal the cover within the next two weeks but can’t give an exact date as of yet.


The star also answered some questions that her followers had sent her and discussed ‘ARTPOP’ itself: “ARTPOP is a psychedelic-pop journey, an album trip that represents my love of popmusic while exploding and pushing its ‘artificial’ limits”

She also admitted that on ‘ARTPOP’ there was one particular track that she found extremely tough to write, she added: “1 song in particular became a confession of my weaknesses. It was hard to write.”


Lady Gaga also spoke with America’s KIIS radio and said that it was written to be a fun collection of songs: “It’s my intention for you to have a really good time. I designed it for it to be fun from start to finish.”

“[I wanted it to be] like a night at the club in terms of the DJing aspect of it. When you listen to it, it really flows nicely. It’s really fun to pop in with your friends. I really wrote it for me and my friends to pop in from start to finish.”

‘ARTPOP’ is due to be released as we said on the 8th of November. Watch the official video for ‘Applause’ below.