Lady Gaga turned to drugs and alcohol after her surgery

by Martin


Lady Gaga returned to the public eye last month performing at the MTV VMAs and the iTunes Festival following the operation she required on her hip.

The superstar was forced to cancel a string of her tour dates due to the operation but is about to release her new album ‘ARTPOP’. She has confessed though that following the operation she turned to drugs and alcohol.

Lady Gaga confessed turning to alcohol and drugs following her hip surgery but wants to urge her fans not to follow in her footsteps. The star today also released a further preview of her next single ‘Venus’.

Speaking to German newspaper ‘Bild’ Lady Gaga explained that while she was stuck in her wheelchair during the recovery period she used the alcohol and drugs to deal with it all.


The star said: “I turned to drugs and alcohol [when in my wheelchair]. Now I want to tell my fans: Don’t do the same. Today I feel pure, sheer – happy!”

She also added the fact that her behaviour has always been unpredictable: “It was in Amsterdam – I just dyed my hair dark, was under the radar for ONE day. I’ve always been a rebel, did everything my dad [Joe] forbid. I am a grenade. When I go out, I explode!”

Lady Gaga is set to release her new album ‘ARTPOP’ on November 11th and fans can stream the album on iTunes from the 4th of November.

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Earlier today the ‘Applause’ star released another preview of ‘Venus’ which looks set to be her next single. Lady Gaga released the first preview yesterday¬†and was also confirmed as a special guest on ‘The Graham Norton Show’ on the BBC next month.

Lady Gaga took to Twitter earlier to talk about ‘Venus’ and said:

“I wrote 4 hooks in ‘Venus’. The snippet is of the first two before the true chorus. The rise before the orgasm.”

You can listen to the new preview of the track below.