Lady Gaga unhappy with new single and the star looks towards her performance this weekend

by Martin


Lady Gaga doesn’t seem to be out of the news these past few weeks and for her millions of fans that’s a good thing.

This coming weekend Lady Gaga will perform at this years MTV VMAs (August 25th) as the music industry come together to celebrate video-making. Let’s not forget, she’s opening the show!

As of yet we know nothing about her performance – though we’re sure she’ll perform her new single Applause but other than that, everything is being kept secret.

Lady Gaga recently spoke with Capital FM and spoke about how her performance this weekend and how she felt after her single had leaked ahead of when she wanted to release it.

The Applause star told Capital FM that this show will probably her most physically demanding show yet.

“I would say actually that you should try not to expect anything because whatever you’re expecting is not going to take place! That’s sort of the idea to always create the unexpected. I will just say that it’s the most physically challenging performance I’ve ever done. This is my way of fighting back. I don’t like to fight with my words I like to fight with my talents so that’s really what this performance is all about.” Gaga said.


“I’m in New York, we’re in the middle of rehearsals, we’ve been rehearsing for weeks, and we’re still going. The performance I did years ago for ‘Paparazzi’ was kind of a major moment for me as a breakout performer, it was the moment where people really got to see what I was about [with] bringing performance art to the stage. We’re doing that again this year with a different performance and I’m so excited with what were doing. It’s so me, it’s everything I want to say right now. It certainly will be memorable so I hope that the fans will love it as much as we do.”

Lady Gaga then went on to discuss how she felt after her single Applause was leaked online ahead of official release.

“I was submerged in the bathtub inventing curse words, I was really not happy. For me, what I do is theatre so I guess I liken a leak to going to see a musical and none of the actors or dancers come out and you just hear what’s going on but there’s just a blank stage!”


The star continued: “So I really like for everything to happen at once. People always say ‘are you afraid people pay too much attention to your outfits and not the music’ but I’ve always said sometimes they pay too much attention to the music and not the outfits. I really like people to experience it at once.”

Lady Gaga’s new single Applause is available to buy now while her album ‘ARTPOP’ is set to see a November 11th release.

If you haven’t see it yet then watch the official video for Applause below.