Lady Gaga wants her Little Monsters to pick her next single

by Martin


Lady Gaga is back and she’s back bigger and better than before. The star, who recently returned to the stage after having surgery on her hip was forced to cancel dates on her tour.

The superstar returned to the stage at this years MTV VMAs a few weeks ago to perform her new single ‘Applause’ but fans got the chance to see her performing eight news tracks from her forthcoming album this past Sunday at the iTunes Festival.

‘ARTPOP’ is the next album to be released by Lady Gaga and is due out on the 11th of November.

During her 70 minute set at the iTunes Festival Lady Gaga performed eight tracks from the new album including her new single ‘Applause’, ‘MANiCURE’, ‘Sex Dreams’, ’Jewels And Drugs’, ‘Swine’, ‘Aura’, ‘ARTPOP’ and ‘I Wanna Be With You’.


Lady Gaga now wants you her fans to pick her next single.

Taking to Twitter – which lets face it is the number one place to get connected with your fans right now Lady Gaga tweeted the following:

“OK MONSTERS! Now that you’ve seen some of ARTPOP Live, what would be YOUR pick for 2nd Single? RT for MANiCURE FAV for SEXDREAMS”

She went on to add in another tweet: “Or are you an… RT for AURA FAV for SWINE.”

At the time of writing this article it’s clear that ‘Sex Dreams’ is in the lead to become the next single released from her forthcoming album.

LadyGagaNextSingleTweetsThe star spoke recently to The Guardian about how she hid from her fans because she didn’t them to think of her in a different way.

“I hid in my house. I hid a lot… to preserve my image as a superstar to my fans. I don’t mean I am a superstar, I mean that they only ever see me at my best. And it really drove me crazy.”

If you missed the star performing at this years iTunes Festival on Sunday then fear not, you can still watch it on iTunes completely free of charge.

Watch the official video below for Lady Gaga’s current single ‘Applause’ which as of yet hasn’t topped the UK Singles Chart.