Lady Gaga hints at special guest for iTunes Festival?

by Martin


We’re almost at the end of August (already) and the iTunes Festival will start on the 1st of September for the entire month.

With a massive line-up announced one star that everyone is looking forward to seeing return is Lady Gaga who is set to open the first night.

The Applause star hasn’t been out of the news lately what with early single releases, interviews and announcing performances – she also spoke recently about how unhappy she felt at her latest single being leaked.

This Sunday will see Gaga at this years MTV VMAs as she opens the event which celebrates the art of video-making.

Big news this morning is though that Lady Gaga has hinted that at her comeback gig in the UK next month at the annual iTunes Festival she will be joined by a special guest for one of her collaborations.

The iTunes Festival will be the first full gig Lady Gaga will have performed since February after she was forced to cancel a number of tour dates as she required surgery for an injury to her hip.


Speaking to Kiss FM earlier in the week Gaga answered questions from fans via the hashtag #GagaonKISS.

The star was asked by one Twitter fan if ‘ARTPOP’ – her forthcoming album featured any collaborations but she remained quiet on the matter before adding:

“But at iTunes at the Roundhouse we will be revealing one of the collaborations that we’re doing and I’m excited for everyone to see that.”

Lady Gaga also confirmed that during her performance at the iTunes Festival on September 1st she will perform six of the 15 songs due to appear on ‘ARTPOP’.

She also confirmed that Azealia Banks doesn’t appear on the new album despite reports that the rapper stating that she had been working with Gaga over email.


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