Lana Del Rey unlikely to release a follow up to ‘Born To Die’ anytime soon

by Martin


Singer songwriter Lana Del Rey released her debut album ‘Born To Die’ last year and was even featured on the soundtrack for ‘The Great Gatsby’.

Following the success of ‘Born To Die’ though the beauty can’t see a second album on the horizon and have previously leaked tracks caused this mental block?

Lana Del Rey spoke recently in an interview and revealed that she isn’t sure if a second album will happen.

The American singer songwriter also discussed the effect leaked tracks had on her in terms of writing new material.

Speaking with Nylon magazine she said: “When people ask me about it, I just have to be honest – I really don’t know… I don’t want to say, ‘Yeah, definitely – the next one’s better than this one,’ because I don’t really hear a next one.”

“My muse is very fickle. She only comes to me sometimes, which is annoying.”

lana del rey

Speaking about leaked tracks and how those left her feeling Del Rey said: “I do feel discouraged, yeah. I don’t really know what to put on the record.”

“But I guess I could just put them on and see what happens.”

Fans were left worried earlier in the year when Lana Del Rey tweeted about a farewell project when referring to her new film ‘Tropico’:

“Looking forward to seeing you for the farewell project. I adore you and thank you for inspiring me.”

A few months ago her co-writer and co-producer on hit track ‘Summertime Sadness’ Rick Nowels spoke to and praised Del Rey:

“I met Lana in summer 2011. I had heard some of her songs on YouTube and I loved what she was doing.”


“When we wrote it (‘Summertime Sadness’), I realized that she was a brilliant songwriter and a magical artist. She writes the kind of music I want to listen to.”

“Lana has earned respect because she is so good. She has consistently released high-quality songs with artistry and vision.”

“People are starving for real artistry. As more people hear her music, she’s gaining more fans.”

If you hasn’t heard of Lana Del Rey before then be sure to have a listen to her below.