Land Girls returns to BBC for series two

by Lisa McGarry

The lives and loves of the land girls serving their country in the Women’s Land Army (WLA) return to BBC One Daytime as the award-winning period drama Land Girls is back for a new five-part series.

Against the backdrop of war-weary Forties Britain, Land Girls is again set at run-down Pasture Farm and opulent Hoxley Manor. Several months have passed and the series catches up with Bea and Joyce, who are joined by the new, streetwise, Cockney land girl Connie Carter.

Former land girl Bea is now a farmer’s wife to Billy and mother to William, who is the result of a one-night stand with an American GI. Joyce is fiercely patriotic and eternally optimistic, but worries about her husband, John, who is now in Bomber Command.

In a sunny field the girls are hard at work when the summer idyll is disrupted by a Tiger Moth landing. It’s Joyce’s husband, John, who whisks her off on a romantic plane ride to spend a blissful afternoon together.

A jeep full of GIs delivers the new land girl, Connie Carter, who is young, brash and sexy but with a singing voice of an angel. She causes mayhem from the moment she arrives, and when Bea plans a romantic surprise for Billy, Connie interferes, leading to disastrous consequences for Billy and Martin…

Meanwhile, Mrs Gulliver discovers that Finch’s cherished pet pig, Chamberlain, hasn’t been added to his inventory. When the pig topples her into a trough of stagnant water, she vows to have it sent for slaughter, leaving Finch striving to find a way to save his beloved pet.

Widowed at the end of the last series, Lady Ellen Hoxley is recycling the last of her dead husband’s clothes at the Manor House, dealing with the Americans who have temporarily commandeered her home, and coping with her bohemian sister, Diana Granville, who’s come to stay.

When wealthy American industrialist Jack Gillespie arrives at the Manor House on business, Diana is attracted to him, while Ellen is intrigued. He reveals to Ellen that though his only son is dead, Jack suspects he might have got a local girl pregnant when stationed in Helmstead and that he’ll go to any lengths to find her.

Bea is played by Jo Woodcock, Joyce by Becci Gemmell, Connie by Seline Hizli, Billy by Liam Boyle, John by Nicholas Shaw, Martin by Mykola Allen, Mrs Gulliver by Carolyn Pickles, Finch by Mark Benton, Lady Hoxley by Sophie Ward, Diana Granville by Raquel Cassidy and Jack Gillespie by Clive Wood.

Monday 17 January
2.15-3.00pm BBC ONE and BBC ONE HD

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