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We remember the first time we ever watched Channel 4’s Big Fat Gypsy Wedding and as the extravagant weddings, the huge dresses, the horses and carriages and the plush venues were put on display we couldn’t help but wonder where the travellers got the cash to pay for it all.

It seems we weren’t the only ones and up until now, it’s been one of the communities best kept secrets.

Tonight, on Channel 4’s My Big Fat Gypsy Fortune the team behind the popular series attempt to get to the bottom of the cash question and to find out how those in question earn their money and make enough to fund their extravagant nuptial ceremonies.

In general, it is widely accepted that Gypsies and Travellers form some of the richest and the poorest elements of society, with examples ranging from Alfie Best, a Romany Gypsy worth a reported £100 million, to the not so affluent Romany Gypsy George, who struggles to put food on his table.

My Big Fat Gypsy Fortune

As a bit of a case study, the team follow Irish Traveller Larry who is hard at work, organising a lavish wedding for his eldest daughter Margaret.

She wants no less than 8 bridesmaids, more than 300 guests and a gown that will cost thousands of pounds and although her dad has been saving for this moment for decades he reveals that some of his friends have a secret way of raising the cash for these events.

Tonight, Channel 4, 9PM. Leave your comments below….

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2 Responses to “Larry spills the beans on My Big Fat Gypsy Fortune – Channel 4”

  1. Traveller says:

    I think these comments are racist and this site should be ashamed for displaying it

  2. jean says:

    Im trying to find the name of the song they play in my big fat gypsy fortune wen she danced with her dad at the end if anyone knows it could u let me no pls