Last Night’s TV – Embarrassing Bodies

embarrassing bodies

So, this morbidly fascinating watch-from-behind-a-cushion show is back and yet again, as with every other series, the very first question I ask myself is, “If these people are too embarrassed by their gross whatever it is to go to their GP, why oh why would you let half the nation see it??”

It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever – unless maybe they get paid a vast amount of money maybe to let us in on their ‘secret’ genital hideousness or something… I just don’t get it, I truly don’t.

And Dr Christian Jessen is such a babe, I can’t imagine going to him with anything remotely grim or embarrassing because that’d just make it worse. I might go see him if I’d broken a nail and just wanted him to hold my hand to check it maybe, or for something totally innocuous just for the sheer joy of being near him – I’m not a stalker Christian honestly, I just really fancy you – but I have to repeat, why oh why let your grim ‘condition’ be televised when you’re so ashamed of it, you won’t let your own doctor see it??

Take for example Rebecca, who had breasts that were different sizes… ok, not that gross, but imagine what the comments and sniggers are going to be like when she walks into work this morning??

Then there was Brigitte who, after much prevarication and explanation of how her mystery condition has made her depressed and ruined her life, told us and Dr Pixie McKenna, “I have a large vagina.” Dr Pixie nodded with a look of sympathy on her face and said, “What I think we really need to do is have a look at this and see what’s going on…”

Oh God…

Then there was incontinent Peter who needed a probe bunging into his ureter to see what was going on, and we got to watch…

And to top it all, there’s Ashley Jensen narrating and making wry little jokes and comments about these people’s ‘embarrassing bodies’

So to sum up, these are people who reckon they’re too embarrassed to see their own GP – and often even cry because of their ‘shame’ – but they’ll go on this show and let millions of people see their nether regions or whatever AND have Ashley take the pi** as well!

But nonetheless, while I’m looking at the show from between my fingers and gagging, I can’t help but love it. And to be fair, if you happen to have a condition that’s similar to one being shown or discussed, it could do you a favour in that you’ll stop worrying your lady parts are turning into a wizard’s sleeve or your dangly man bits will never again rise heavenward and I’m sure it prompts people to actually go and see their own GP.

And if you’ve got a strong stomach, check out the show’s website… what you don’t see on the show is on there. But as with swimming, be sure it’s a good hour after you’ve eaten when you go do it…

I greatly admire Drs Christian, Pixie and Dawn who must have stomach’s of steel… well done guys, seriously, well done.

Lynn is an editor and writer here at Unreality TV and is trained psychotherapist and the author of two books. She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, I'm A Celeb and Big Brother.