Last Night’s TV – ER: I Feel Good

ER I Feel Good 1

This was possibly the worst episode of this season in that it was trite, clichéd and full of tales of morality in which everyone ‘learned’ something vital about life; it’s too short, it’s easy to ignore others, helping others is a good thing to do… and yes of course that’s all true but in trying to pass on this Sesame Street attitude to the viewers, the plot lines sucked, as did the entire episode actually.

All of which is a great shame because we’re now so near the end of the season, and all the other episodes have been so good, this was a great disappointment…

ER I Feel Good - at camp

The main storyline revolved around kids who’d had open heart surgery attending a ‘camp’ within the hospital for which several members of the County staff volunteered to help. It was nauseatingly cutesy as all the adults ‘learned’ something from the kids.

ER I Feel Good - Brenner and Logan

And of course there was the rebel kid called Logan who wouldn’t join in so Dr Brenner took him aside and tried a little reverse psychology on him to get him to join in the games at camp which led to Logan revealing that his best friend – also a cardiac patient – had died so he couldn’t enjoy camp because his friend wasn’t there.

So Simon shared his heartache over Joanie’s readmission following her rejection of the new heart she was given from last week and the kid told him that even when intubated, Joanie will know he’s there so he should go visit with her. He did and when he returned, suddenly, the sullen and I’m-not-playing Logan joined in wholeheartedly after a picture of him and his deceased friend was pinned to the wall at camp… Heart-warming or vomit making? It was meant to be the former but was most definitely the latter.

ER I Feel Good - Felix

Similarly, a teenager called Felix was brought in with head injuries and it transpired that he was the kid of academics who moved around a lot so he had difficulty making friends. In an attempt to make new friends at yet another new school, he’d taken part in a dangerous game which involved partial suffocation and has subsequently fallen and hit his head.

However, his loneliness was matched by the loneliness felt by one of the teenage girls at heart camp who also had trouble making friends… guess what? They were introduced and became BFF if not boyfriend and girlfriend. Again, in an episode that wasn’t entirely made of candy floss, this might have been endearing, but in one that was so full of it my eyes felt sticky afterward, it was just another dose of syrup.

ER I Feel Good - baby's mother

Dr Banfield meanwhile had talked to husband Russell about adopting the baby the teenage girl had abandoned at the hospital and he was all for it, but then the baby’s mother showed up and had decided she wanted him back. However, later, having watched Banfield save the life of a pregnant woman, the baby’s mother decided she wanted to be “someone” and therefore make her son proud of her. “I want to make a difference, like you do” she sobbed to Banfield.

ER I Feel Good - Banfield and Russell

It transpired that the mother knew that Banfield wanted to adopt her baby so the two talked about an open adoption whereby the baby’s mother could be a part of her son’s life and the show ended with Banfield and Russell feeding the infant…

Just before the end though, Archie proposed to his girlfriend Claudia using the friendship bracelet which one of the heart patient children had given him earlier as a makeshift ring and she of course accepted after they’d talked about how watching the kids at camp had made them re-evaluate what was really important. Turns out, Archie reckoned fancy dinners and expensive engagement rings weren’t and naturally his newly acquired fiancé agreed… cue cute little girl who can’t get to sleep so Archie tells her a bedtime story.

Another sugar overdose…

As I mentioned earlier, it’s a shame this episode was so full of moral tales; it felt as if the show’s writers were trying to show us viewers how to live our lives before they sign off next week and leave us without their life values to cling to.

I just hope that the final episode next week reaches the bar height set by previous episodes this season – this one excepted of course. It’s entitled, And In the End. Here’s the original US trailer for it…

I’ll be glued despite my disappointment in this episode – and I’ll have a box of tissues at the ready too!

Lynn is an editor and writer here at Unreality TV and is trained psychotherapist and the author of two books. She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, I'm A Celeb and Big Brother.