Last night’s TV – ER: The High Holiday

er high holiday

Oh the horror – this is the last time we’ll see a Christmas at County! I may well need therapy to get over this fact…

This episode was filled with bittersweet moments, some sorrowful endings and a surprise or two… and ‘hash brownies’ courtesy of Abby’s old patient Roxanne who’d popped in to get her prescription filled. She intended the ‘special’ brownies to go to her friend Ida who’s a bit of a pothead, but interns Daria and Ryan ended up eating them so, given they were stoned, Banfield gave them the rest of the day off. A good decision all in all; who wants to be treated by someone who’s stoned? Actually, come to think of it, it might be a bit of a laugh, however, I digress…

er jerry and frankIt just wouldn’t be Christmas in County without someone being dressed in a Santa suit would it? And sure enough, our old friend Jerry, who used to be the harried desk clerk before Frank, turned up and eventually became bedecked to the Christmas nine to do the Santa honours!

Jerry informed everyone that he’d been in Alaska “tending bar” since he’d left the ER.

Banfield’s newfound friendship with Archie is evermore entertaining and in last night’s episode, she helped him deal with all his dad’s stuff and the fact that half the ER had bought most of it from the ever helpful Jerry who’d offered to sell the stuff off in return for 50% of the profit, which at the time, was just fine with Archie who wanted nothing to do with the stuff.

With Banfield again, her interaction with the lesbian couple who were facing an uncertain future in last night’s show demonstrated that she actually does have a sincerely compassionate side. The healing process has definitely begun for this damaged character, and it seems that her marriage is getting back on track too. That’s the magic of ER… it just cures everyone of everything – except those who die but let’s not go there, it’s Christmas!

Alex was thankfully on the road to recovery – it would’ve been horrible to have him shuffle off the mortal coil at Christmas – but it’s sad that Sam’s seemingly about to throw away her relationship with Tony as a result of the accident. Tony made a mistake by giving in to Sarah and Alex’s pestering to be allowed out on the night of the accident, but to blame him for the outcome is unreasonable, but Sam can’t see it. She’s just looking for someone to blame I suppose.

Moving on, yet more old ER friends were brought back and in a storyline about a couple facing deportation, Dr. Coburn showed up. It’s so good to see all these ‘old’ faces that devotees to the show – like me – have missed over the years they’ve been gone.

The show ended with Banfield and her husband Russell enjoying themselves at the ER Christmas party and during a slow dance, Banfield suggested that it’s time they gave some thought to trying for a baby again.

All in all, this episode wasn’t one of the most dramatic I’ve even seen – despite some sad scenes with a dying woman and a baby with unusual problems – but hey, as it’s Christmas, in ER time anyway, it’s fair enough to give the “stat, chem. 7, full chest panel” stuff a bit of a rest. Not that there wasn’t any of that stuff, but there didn’t seem to be as much.

In next week’s episode, ‘Separation Anxiety’, a drug deal gone wrong brings four gunshot victims into the ER, Banfield investigates her fertility and Sam and Gates deal with the results of their break-up.

Here’s a sneek peek at the episode…

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