Last Night’s TV – Gok’s Fashion Fix

Gok Wan

Well the honorary woman Gok is back, fixing fashion like there’s no tomorrow and he’s clearly trying to get a new catchphrase to catch on, it being, “Shop less but wear more” adding, “OK ladies, hold on to your hats, scarves, coats and knickers… credit-crunch couture is here!”

Maybe he was expecting this spending revolution to bring with it a strong wind or something but unless you happen to be one of those multi-armed Goddesses, hanging on to that lot all at once is going to be tricksome…

“You don’t need to go kerching to look breathtakingly bling” he exclaimed happily.

He’s a poet and he does know it…

So we had a parade of Gok’s fashion finds including a handbag that was a snip at just £70… I think the last time I bought one it was about £5 on a market, however, a fashion victim I’m not it has to be said.

I really like Gok Wan but to be honest, his shows are pretty much all the same, they just feature different neon-like-colourful clothing and a variety of different women to try them on… it’s just a tad ‘samey’ surely?

But again, I must add that I’m a woman who utterly loathes clothes shopping. The appeal of shoes is as merely utilitarian functionality for me and I’ve had the same handbag for about ten years, so perhaps I’m not the ideal target audience for this show…

However, back to the actual show and last night we met Dawn, a social worker from Cornwall who even I could see wasn’t doing herself any favours by what she’d been choosing to wear, however, Gok came to the rescue and replaced her outdated wardrobe with no less then 24 items that she could mix and match.

“Buy timeless designs that will never date” he said, but surely all fashion dates? If it didn’t, Gok would be looking for another job because loin cloths were all the rage at one time and you don’t see many of those these days do you? Well, not outside of some nightclubs anyway.

But I have to say, he worked wonders with Dawn, but it wasn’t only the new clothes; she’d had a makeover too which involved a snazzy hairdo and a very lot of make-up, still, it did the trick.

Gok’s fight against expensive clothing even got as far as getting Janet Street-Porter to attend the Brits in an outfit they’d bought on the high street, but, I dunno if I’m just missing something but since when was JSP a fashion icon in the first place?

Sadly for Gok though, his attempt to get the women of Birmingham to agree that high street is better than couture failed rather miserably when they pretty much all preferred outfits that cost several arms and legs to his thrifty wardrobe fillers which sent Brix Smith-Start – Gok’s lavish show ‘nemesis’ – into squeals of delight.

However, I can’t take anyone seriously who says of a cardigan, “It’s so beautiful, it’s as if an angel sneezed on it” Brix gushed…

Angelic boogers on knitwear? Erm, no ta… especially when the celestial snot rag cost about the same as the debt of the entire third world.

But still, despite the fact I’m just not that into clothes and shoes, I’ll more than likely keep watching because Gok just sort of fascinates me; I’m not sure why… but he does!

Lynn is an editor and writer here at Unreality TV and is trained psychotherapist and the author of two books. She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, I'm A Celeb and Big Brother.