Last Night’s TV – Gordon Ramsay’s F Word

by Lynn Connolly

gordon ramsay

So Gordon returns for a fifth series of the F Word, and what’s changed? Well, his mission in this series is to find Britain’s best restaurant – and one assumes he’s disqualified due to the potential for self-nepotism, if such a thing exists…

Anywho, last night we met chefs from Leeds and Bristol who had to do the good old telly fave, a cook-off. One of those chefs was Diego De Re, and he was more than a match for Gordon, which made his segments rather entertaining.

It was fun to watch Diego berating Gordon for his dearth of black bristled pastry brushes – so you can easily spot if a few fell out in your ravioli – and the irascible Gordon trying to keep a lid on his famous temper.

The major downside for me on last night’s new series opener was the presence of Katie Price, the world’s most non-biodegradable woman. Granted, she would go to the opening of an envelope, but I felt it devalued the show somewhat that Gordon and Katie felt behoved to resort to seriously unsubtle double entendre concerning breasts, of the chicken and silicone kind…

If that’s a forerunner of what’s in store, I may be forced to stop watching…

And if I needed another reason to dislike Ms Price/Andre/Jordan, I got one when we learned she puts sugar in mash. Why would you do that? Her answer? “Don’t ask me why…” So that cleared that up then.

As much as I like Gordon – and I really, really do, for mostly biblical reasons – I suspect the value has been wrung from the F Word already, and a fifth series, based on last night’s offering anyway, feels like a rather desperate attempt to breathe life into something that’s on life support and has been declared terminal.

The premise of hunting out Britain’s best restaurant seemed like it’d been thought up in some meeting somewhere where the remit was, how to solve a problem like Gordon. People like me would tune in to watch the man do his laundry, but I’m sad. Most people actually want to see something rather more entertaining on telly, and the formulaic who’s-the-best thing has been done to death in terms of TV cookery.

There’s just too many of them and the novelty’s worn off long since. And does anyone actually care which is Britain’s best restaurant? Isn’t that stuff what Michelin and Condé Nast are for? Plus of course unless Gordon’s planning on series five running on for about 2,000 years, how’s he going to fit in every restaurant in the country? Obviously he can’t so in fact, whoever ends up winning won’t necessarily be Britain’s best, just the best out of the handful who’ve been on the show.

I hate having to level criticism at Gordon because I want to have his babies, but I fear the F Word needs now to either go back to basics or F off.

What do you think?

Lynn is an editor and writer here at Unreality TV and is trained psychotherapist and the author of two books. She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, I'm A Celeb and Big Brother.