Last Night’s TV – Kirstie’s Homemade Home


Now, maybe I’m just being a big old sceptic but in the advertising for this show, there was something rather how-the-mighty-have-fallen-ish with regard to Kirstie’s role in it, but in actuality, it was still a show for those who have money… there was really very little evidence of credit-crunch-busting homemaking, despite her much touted “skip-diving” which sounds more like a ‘specialist’ nightclub to me, but hey ho.

I love Kirstie; she still managed to look ladylike and upper-crust as she scoured markets, charity shops and of course skips for bits of gubbins that she could do up and use in her “homemade home”

And she was her usual enthusiastic, bouncy, boobtastic self about the “project” which entailed the total renovation and furnishing of a house in Devon that was a total wreck when she bought it…

“There’s something completely inspiring about a house that’s been unoccupied for nearly 40 years” she said with plummy fervor. Well, maybe for you Kirstie but not for me… all I saw was a tumbledown old shell, full of mould, spiders and other unmentionably vile yuckiness, but there again, she wasn’t doing the renovations herself per se… she had a team of very handy handymen for doing the icky stuff. And they did a fantastic job…

meadowgate-exterior - kirstie's homemade home

So last night’s show concentrated on turning the elderly and dilapidated kitchen into a work of art and after sitting back and watching “chaps” go in and out of the place with various bits of machinery, Kirstie announced, “After months of hard work, the workmen have finished the kitchen!”

And thus, the tarting up began… a couple of grotty looking chairs were Kirstie glass-blowingtransformed by “a bit of upholstering”, Kirstie blew a glass herself – as of course we all do at some point when doing up a house – and she nicked a mirror out of a skip with the caveat, “Go to up-market areas where people have more money than sense.”

Sound advice should you suddenly decide to take to skip-pilfering.

So with nicked mirrors, reupholstered chairs and self-blown glassware ready installed, Kirstie told us of her kitchen, “I want to create a really warm fireside feel, with a table that seats about twelve people comfortably.”

I have a small bistro set from Argos that seats four uncomfortably and two just about comfortably as long as you don’t lean back on the chairs or put your elbows too heavily on the glass table; how the other half live… even if they do rummage through skips to do so.

Kirstie's homemade home - wow

However, she then added a giant WOW to the wall, and centerpiece for her table that was inspired by a visit to Cath Kidston who lives in a house where flowers – fake and real – are literally everywhere. Cath gave Kirstie some handy tips on centerpiece making but I’m guessing though that Cath doesn’t do skip-diving given she’s the daughter of the chairman of Christie’s…

I must say, the kitchen did look stunning when it was done but who in reality has the time and money to do that? Well, not average Joe’s like me that’s for sure; if it don’t come from Argos, it don’t come…

And as to interior design, I have all the flare of a blind goat; I just can’t do it so I must admit, I really enjoyed this programme, even though most of it is/was totally impractical – despite Kirstie’s claims to the contrary. I mean let’s face it, how many of us know people who’re interior designers or someone who’ll let us nip round and blow ourselves a few pieces of glassware? I don’t even know anyone who owns a sewing machine!

Nonetheless, I’ll be eagerly watching next week when she takes on the house’s three bathrooms, meets top interior designer Anouska Hempel, and attempts some traditional “home crafts”, from candle making to screen printing. Jolly good show what?!

Lynn is an editor and writer here at Unreality TV and is trained psychotherapist and the author of two books. She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, I'm A Celeb and Big Brother.