Last Night’s TV – Lost: Across the sea

What an absolutely epic episode this was, and with the end now so tantalisingly/terrifyingly close, we’re getting answers…

That said though, I suspect some issues are going to remain a mystery. For instance, just who, or what, is ‘mother’ and where’s she from?

Is she some kind of murdering Madonna type or what?! But religious figures through history have been pretty violent sorts often, so maybe Lost is suggesting that God is in fact a woman – I’d always suspected as much – and ‘Mother’ is She?

Well, let’s take a look at what we now know after the jump…

First of all there was the shocking murder of Claudia. And apropos of her, she’s the third character to have turned up on the Island heavily preggers; the others of course were Rousseau and Claire.

The black and white issue began right after the twins were born with Mother wrapping them in black and white swaddling, and as we saw the boys growing up, that theme remained with their clothing.

And in the fact that one twin was good, one bad, the book written by Gary Troup – if you recall him from season one – entitled Bad Twin was – with hindsight – perhaps a nod to the ultimate ending.

Later on, we saw the first appearance of the black and white stones too when Nameless Twin – I wonder if we’ll ever get to know his name! – found the game, Senet, which is one of the oldest known board games.

Originally an Egyptian game, those who won were considered lucky – not unreasonably I guess – so the game was often put into graves and tombs with the deceased to bring them luck in the afterlife.

And when Nameless Twin was found with the game, Mother told him that he’s “special.” And again, “special” has been a word used to describe many characters, including Walt and Locke.

Another interesting point was the Mother noted Jacob cannot lie, and she also decreed that she’d “made it” so the boys could never hurt each other.

Now, that explains why Man In Black/Nameless Twin had to get someone else to murder Jacob, but, when Jacob send his brother ‘into the light’ – what a great use of the metaphor it was in this episode too – he came out very dead…

But although is physical body was dead, Smokey issued forth from the cave, so we now know that it’s been Smokey all along who’s been adopting the personae and bodies of everyone we’ve ever seen who’s snuffed it!

We saw Jacob tenderly laying the bodies of his brother and Mother inside the cave which – as we saw courtesy of flashbacks – the Losties discovered in season 1. They referred to the skeleton remains they found then as “Adam and Eve”, and it’s looking rather like they weren’t far off the mark there.

And in reference to another season again, in season five’s episode The Incident, if you remember we saw Jacob and Man In Black on the beach, and Jacob told his brother exactly what Mother had told the twins…

“They come. They fight. They destroy. They corrupt. It always ends the same.”

So onto the issue of the wells that attract metal and the donkey wheel that’s featured so often throughout, and we discovered that the MIB and his posse of ‘others’ dug out the wells looking for the light and hence a way off the Island…

Remember when MIB as Fake Locke told Desmond that an ancient civilisation had dug wells wherever they discovered magnetism? And apropos of Desmond, his using the word “brother” as a term of endearment or address may in fact now be more central to the story rather than a rather just a ‘handle’ phrase.

So, what’s in store for us next week in the episode ‘What They Died For’?

Here’s what ABC have to say of it…

“While Locke devises a new strategy, Jack’s group searches for Desmond.”

Here are the promos…

See you next week!

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