Last Night’s TV – Lost: Dead Is Dead

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Well, the title may be Dead Is Dead but clearly, that’s a big fat lie because John was most definitely dead and he’s now very not… as we discovered last week and had further proof of this week – and either Christian’s a ghost of he’s alive too…

But just what the hell is Ben up to? This was of course a Ben centric episode and it showed he’s actually got some compassion in that seemingly ruthless soul after all, but then again, why set Caesar up to be his buddy and tell those lies about John only to then shoot him later?

ben, ethan and baby alex, lost

And why did Ben kidnap Alex and equally, why did Charles want her killed? I’m sure we’ll find out in time.

Also, I’m assuming Ben spared Penny’s life for the sake of little Charlie but he cold-bloodedly shot Des – who was fortunately saved by the shopping he was carrying I guess – so is it that shooting that he wanted to apologise to Des for?

As to why he intended to, but didn’t, kill either Rousseau or Penny, on both occasions it was the presence of a child that stopped him; could it be that given he grew up motherless, the compassionate Ben that we saw last night didn’t want to put another child through that? But there again, Alex was effectively motherless as far as she was aware… oh the bewilderment!

ben and ethan -lost

Another puzzlement was how come Ethan had joined the Others? When did that happen and why?

Rousseau's music box - lost

We did however discover how Rousseau’s music box got broken; Ben knocked it over. Remember she asked Sayid to fix it when she held him captive in the episode Solitary?

Ben calling the monster - lost

Now, I must admit I was – for the first time in Lost history – rather let down by the anticlimax that was his confrontation with the smoke monster. The tension mounted as Ben – led by John – went to the temple, pausing to check out the many spooky hieroglyphs which depicted a picture of the Monster and a deity – that looks likely to be Anubis – kneeling before the monster.

monster image - lost

He then fell through the floor of the temple and while John went off in search of a rope to help him out of the hole, my daughter and I were sitting all tensed up waiting for Smokey to do something really nasty.

We watched fearfully as Ben first unblocked something akin to a bunged up sink to summon up Smokey who then appeared with all the potency of a slightly blocked chimney to show Ben memories of Alex and Widmore, including Alex’s death at the hands of Martin Keamy. After showing these replays to Ben, the Monster abated and Alex appeared.

Ben apologised to Alex, admitting that it was all his fault – with which she wholeheartedly agreed – before pinning him up against a column and telling him that she was aware of his plan to kill Locke again, and after calling him a naughty swear word, she told him that he must follow Locke’s leadership or she would “destroy” him. Here’s a clip from Ben’s confrontation with Smokey…

By that time, John had missed the whole shebang but was back with a rope to find a relieved Ben who told him the Monster had let him live… Ben had obviously been expecting something far more cataclysmic too because as he said, he wasn’t supposed to return to the island and he expected Smokey would issue punishment for it… but that punishment was only that he must do what John says. Not exactly the scariest moment in Lost history was it?

charles widmore is exiled from the island - lost

As to Charles Widmore, it seems he was banished shortly after the Purge in 1992 so was it Charles who ordered the Purge or was it Ben? Anyway, we learned that Widmore was exiled for “breaking the rules” which constituted regularly leaving the Island and for having a child off the Island “with an outsider”. Widmore then told Ben that one day, he’d have to choose between Alex and the Island… and of course, it turned out he was right in a way.

So, as always, we’re left with a bazillion questions;

• How and why did Ethan become a member of the Others?
• How is Locke going to reunite Sun and Jin?
• Why didn’t the Monster come when Ben first called it? Is that because Ben’s  no longer as powerful as he once was and that power has been bestowed upon John now?
• How did John know where the Monster was?
• What was Ilana’s quest about when she repeatedly asked “what lies in the shadow of the statue”?
• What was in the crate that she and the other Ajira survivors were guarding so fierely?
• Why do the Others want to keep ‘outsiders’ away from The Temple?
• Why does Smokey demand that Ben follow John Locke?

If you’ve got any clues as to the answer to those questions or any theories, do let us know!

Next week’s episode is entitled, Some Like it Hoth. ABC’s teaser for it reads: “Suspicions about a possible breach intensify after Ben is taken from the infirmary, and a reluctant Miles is forced to work with Hurley.”

Here’s the first promo that ABC have released…

And this one is from the ABC podcast that features info about the upcoming episode as well as an interview with Evangeline Lilly

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