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OMG! What on earth – or on the island – is going to happen now that Sayid’s shot Ben? I guess he can’t be dead… or can he? Sayid is a trained precision killer after all but there again, he didn’t stop to check if young Ben was still alive did he?

In case you missed it, here’s a recap of last night’s Lost action…

young Sayid... LostIt starts in Iraq as a young boy is ordered by his father to “be a man” and kill a chicken. He can’t do it so the boy’s younger brother walks over and breaks the chicken’s neck… that young boy is Sayid in 1977 which, incidentally, is when young Ben meets Sayid…

Headache yet? You will have!

We then see Sayid and Ben in Russia and Ben tells Sayid that he’s just killed lost ben sayidthe last person who posed any threat to his friends and adds, “You’re free Sayid” before walking away.

We later see Ben in Santo Domingo where he’s gone to enlist Sayid’s help in killing whoever’s sitting outside Hurley’s mental institution..

He also told Sayid that John had been murdered and that whoever murdered him may well be after Sayid too. He didn’t mention it was himself who’d done John in of course!

Ben went on to tell Sayid that he’s a born killer, it’s what he does because it’s all he can do, which doesn’t go down too well with Sayid but it was clear he wasn’t entirely convinced that Ben was wrong…

sayid horace lostOn the island, Sayid is told by Horace that if he doesn’t talk, he’s broken the rules of The Truce and will face the consequences, but given Horace is about as scary as most maiden Aunts, Sayid wasn’t shaking in his boots about it.

So, Sawyer had a go at getting Sayid to play along that he’s a Hostile who wants to defect but Sayid wasn’t having it so Sawyer told him, “Then you’re on your own”

Meantime, Hurley broke the news to Kate that Juliet and Sawyer are an item; she must be deaf, dumb and blind not to have spotted it herself, but hey ho. She and Juliet later shared an awkward moment but finally, with the truth out, the two agreed to just sort of ignore it and get on with their lives.

Back in Sayid’s cell and we saw a man mopping the floor who turned out to be Ben’s nasty, abusive father Roger who, when he saw Ben had brought Sayid a sandwich, beat Ben up for it.

Soon after, Horace, Sawyer and Radzinsky take Sayid to see Oldham, a mysterious old man who lives in a tent in the woods. When Sayid asks Sawyer who this man is, he replies, “He’s our you” so in other words, he’s a torturer. He has Sayid tied to a tree and then makes him swallow some sort of truth drug…

Ilana sayid lostNext we see Sayid in a bar when a sexy woman starts to flirt with him, and the woman is none other than Ilana.

They end up going back to his hotel for a spot of post-drinkies nookie, but things get very unromantic when she kicks him in the head and knocks him out.

It turns out Ilana isn’t a U.S. Marshall; she’s a bounty hunter hired – she says – by the family of the man Sayid killed on the golf course last season and for some reason, they want Sayid taken to Guam.

Back on the island, the truth serum takes hold and Sayid starts spilling everyoldham-tortures-sayid lost detail about the plane crash – both of ‘em – and how he’s from the future.

He talks about the various Dharma stations, including The Swan which isn’t even built yet so that set Radzinsky off on a hissy fit about how Sayid must be a Hostile spy.

When Sayid tells them they’re all going to die, it’s too much for everyone and a meeting is called where it’s decided Sayid must be killed; he knows too much and is far too freaky for everyone’s liking.

dharma-vote-lostEven Sawyer ended up voting to kill Sayid – for appearances sake – but he then went to Sayid and told him to smack him in the face, steal his keys and leg it, however Sayid refuses and told Sawyer, “I know why I’m here now”.

Baffled by it all, Sawyer tells him that if he stays, he’s going to be killed, but still Sayid’s adamant that he’s going nowhere.

Next, we see a Dharma mini-van in flames crashing into a building and lost building 15 fireeveryone rushing round to put the fire out.

At the same time, young Ben goes into Sayid’s cell and tells him that if he’ll take him with him back to “his people”, Ben will let him go free.

Sayid agrees and the pair make off into the jungle, however, they are then seen by Jin to whom Sayid lies and says that Sawyer let him out. When Jin wants to check it with Sawyer, Sayid whacks him one, leaving him unconscious while he and young Ben start once more to make a run for it.

Another flashback/forward then takes us to the day of Ajira flight 316 and when Sayid sees all of the other Oceanic 6, he begs Ilana to take them on a different flight, but she refuses. On the plane, Sayid asks Ilana if she’s working for Benjamin Linus who, Sayid tells her, is a “genocidal monster who let his own daughter be killed” but despite her denials, maybe it is Ben who employed Ilana to get Sayid back to the island.

young ben lostBack in 1977, while making their escape, Sayid tells young Ben, “You were right,” referring to future Ben’s claims that he’s a natural born killer.

Young Ben has no clue what he’s talking about but doesn’t have long to ponder it because Sayid takes Jin’s gun and shoots him. Young Ben falls to the ground as Sayid runs away sobbing.

Soooooooooooo, if Ben’s dead at age 12, does this mean that everything in the future will change and none of what’s happened will happen? Or is he still alive and he’ll recover and nothing will’ve changed??

Seriously, my head’s going to explode soon…

So what do you think? Is young Ben dead and therefore everything’s going to change, just like in Back To The Future II when the timeline ‘skews’ or does somebody save young Ben’s life?

And if they do, does this mean that all this time, Ben’s known exactly who Sayid is, and indeed all the other Oceanic folks who turned up in his childhood??


Next week’s episode is called, ‘Whatever Happened, Happened’ which clears absolutely nothing up whatsoever does it!? Arghhh!

Anywho, in it, Kate goes to extreme measures to save Ben’s life when Jack refuses to help. Meanwhile, Kate begins to tell the truth about the lie in order to protect Aaron… Here’s a preview

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