Last Night’s TV – Lost: Lighthouse

by Lynn Connolly

The ‘mirror’ theory seems to be really kicking in now doesn’t it? But as ever, there are still a gazillion questions…

Who’s the mother of David in the sidestep reality? Is Claire evil? Will the guy who plays Jacob take me out on a date?

These and more investigated after the jump…

So first of all, we saw sidestep Jack noticing the scar on his abdomen. In an early season of Lost, Juliet took out Jack’s appendix on the Island but when Jack called his mum, she told him he’d had it done when he was 7 years old.

But then – big shocker – we saw that Jack has a son called David! Eek! So who’s his mum?? Well, we didn’t find out last night but hopefully all will be revealed soon…

Then later, we saw Jack attending his son’s audition for a music college and who should be there watching his son? Dogen!

In the meantime, back on the Island, we saw Claire getting mean with the Other hostage while bandaging Jin up and assuring him that she hasn’t been alone for the missing three years; she’s had her “friend.” And right at the end, we saw that her friend is Fake Locke!

So does this mean that Claire has gone to the dark side?? And what the doohickley was in Aaron’s crib? It was a gross rotting corpse of some description, but I couldn’t make out what it was. If you think you know, please do share the info.

And it was a gruesome shock when she plunged that axe into the Other! Who’d have thought she was capable of such a cold blooded act? Obviously Jin thought she was a very much different Claire because having told her the truth that Aaron was with Kate, he did an about-turn and said Aaron was at the temple..

Also on the Island, the fabulous Hurley – he’s always been one of my favourites – was having a visit from Jacob telling him to take Jack to what transpired to be a lighthouse. And it was there that things got really interesting…

In the lighthouse, Hurley believed he had to adjust the mirrors there to 108° in order to help guide the person he’d said was coming to the Island. So, as Hurley was adjusting the mirror angle, Jack saw some odd reflections…

One was of the Pagoda where Jin and Sun got married, and one was of his own childhood home. A further ‘vision’ was of the church where Jacob first approached Sawyer at the funeral of his parents.

Here are the screencaps courtesy of Buddy TV…

Within a short time, we saw that there were dozens of names and numbers etched into the dial upon which the mirrors were set. The pic of those are further down this post.

We saw that Jack insisted putting the mirrors to the 23° he saw again his mother’s house in the reflection. Now the interesting thing there is that in all the other reflections, we saw the places where Jacob first approached the people involved, but he first went to Jack at the hospital, not his parents home. So what’s with that?

So now to more Easter Egss and as ever, many thanks to Buddy TV for the screencaps…

The 108 degrees point on the dial showed the name Wallace which had been crossed out.

At point 20 was Rousseau and at 117 was Linus. Ben one assumes?

Another Easter Egg came when we saw a musical score on David’s desk. It was Fantasie-Impromptu which is the same song the young Daniel Faraday was practicing in The Variable.

Next was The Annotated Alice that David was reading. Of course, we know there have been many references to Alice in Wonderland on Lost and many of them have related to Jack. For instance, there’ve been the episodes White Rabbit and Through the Looking Glass. We also once saw Jack reading Alice to Aaron.

And a rabbit has of course been a prime feature all the way through too and last night, we saw Jack going into David’s mother’s house using a key he found under a stone bunny. If you recall, Miles also found a key under a stone bunny when he went into the apartment of a dead man. That was in the episode when we first met Miles.

So what deductions can we make from last night’s Lost? Well, my honest answer is, I still haven’t got a Scooby what’s going on… do you? If so, please share your theories!

Here’s a promo for next week’s episode which is entitled, Sundown. In it, according to ABC’s teaser, ‘Sayid is faced with a difficult decision, and Claire sends a warning to the temple inhabitants.’

See you next week, though my Lost report may be a little later than normal next week because I’ll be getting back from my jollies to España late on Friday night. Have a great week!

Lynn is an editor and writer here at Unreality TV and is trained psychotherapist and the author of two books. She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, I'm A Celeb and Big Brother.