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miles - lost

What a brilliant episode… I know I say that every week but really, it so was. And it was the first time- correct me if I’m wrong – that an episode has been ‘centric’ to someone who wasn’t an original Lostie!

So last night, we found out a lot about Miles; he is, as I suspected, Dr. Chang aka Marvin Candle’s son but of course, as always, there were dozens of unanswered questions. However, in case you missed it, here’s a recap of the main storyline as well as what else happened and what Easter eggs were dropped in this time…

young miles - lost

The show began with Miles as a young boy and his mother – who is Dr. Chang’s wife – is renting an apartment for her and her son but all of a sudden, she and the landlord hear Miles, who’s around 7 or 8, screaming. They run to him and find him inside the apartment where a dead man lies on the floor and Miles tells his mother that the dead man is talking to him.

dying_lara - lost

In the next flashback, Miles is a spiky-haired teenager and is visiting his very sick mother to ask about his dad…. She claims that he’s been dead for many years and that he didn’t care about her or Miles and she said he kicked her and Miles out when Miles was just a few months old. When Miles asks where he’s buried, she says he’s “In a place you can never go to” How wrong she was eh?

The next flashback see Miles making a living from communicating with the dead on behalf of relatives and in this scene, Miles is talking to a grieving father whose son recently died. The father wants Miles to tell him if his dead son knew that his dad loved him. Miles grabs the father’s hands, closes his eyes and says, yes, the son was aware that his father loved him. Later in the show however, Miles returns and gives back the money, telling the dad he lied; he couldn’t speak to his son and berates him for not making sure his son knew he was loved while he was alive.

naomi - lost

Anyway, before the giving the money back thing happens, Miles pockets the cash and on his way home, he’s approached by a woman who we know is Naomi from the boat. She tells him her employer’s heard about Miles’s talent and she has a job opportunity for him.

She then takes Miles into the back of a restaurant where there’s a dead body. As an audition to prove he can do what he says he can, Naomi asks Miles to tell her what he can about the dead man.

miles talks to the dead - lost

Miles passes the test and Naomi reveals the job opportunity; become part of an expedition to apprehend someone who’s responsible for numerous deaths on an island. They need Miles to speak with all the dead bodies on the island that this man – Ben obviously – is responsible for killing. At first, Miles refuses, until Naomi offers him a fee of $1.6 million, then he swiftly accepts.

miles and bram - lost

We then see Miles walking down a street eating a taco when a van pulls up and he’s pulled inside. A man who identifies himself as Bram – and who we saw last week on the island with Ilana during her gun raid – tells Miles that he’s making a mistake going with Naomi. He tells Miles to go with him instead and all his “questions will be answered” but also he says Miles shouldnj’t go to the Island because he “isn’t ready” yet. He then asks Miles the same question Ilana asked last week, which was, “What lies in the shadow of the statue?” and Miles says he has no idea. Miles says he’ll stay with Bram but only if he pays him double the fee Widmore offered which Bram refuses to do and promptly dumps Miles on a street.

miles - lost

Now in 1977, Miles is contacted on his walkie-talkie by Sawyer who tells him to destroy the security footage on camera 4 that shows him and Kate taking Ben to the Others. Miles agrees, but before he can get the tape, Horace walks in and tells Miles to deliver “a package” to Radzinsky and to ask no questions. So, Miles heads off but forgets to take the security tape.

horace miles - lost

When he gets to Radzinsky, the package Miles was given is in fact a body bag for a corpse that Radzinsky orders him to put in the van. Once the body’s in the van, Miles asks the corpse to ‘tell’ him what really happened…

Miles then takes the body back to Horace who tells him to take the body to Dr. Chang. By the way, by now, Miles knows that the dead guy’s name is Alvarez and he was killed when a tooth filling shot through his head which was most likely due to electromagnetic energy. Anyway, Miles tries to say no – because he knows at this point that Chang is his father – but Horace insists.

miles and hurley - lost

At the van, Miles runs into Hurley who’s taking sandwiches to The Orchid so he insists on a ride along. However, Hurley quickly smells the body but promises to keep it a secret and also tells Miles that he speaks to dead people too…

When they arrive at The Orchid, Chang’s yelling at everyone, including Miles for bringing Hurley. Chang tells Hurley that if he utters a word about it, he’ll be sent to Hydra Island to “clean up polar bear poop”. Chang then tells Miles and Hurley to drive him somewhere and when they arrive, Hurley knows it’s THE hatch.

At this point, we see the numbers being hammered into the hatch door as some kind of serial code…

the numbers - lost

On the drive back, Hurley tries to get Miles to talk about his dad but Miles won’t. He says he never knew him and doesn’t want to know him. Later on, Miles snatches a book that Hurley’s writing in and we learn that he’s writing the script for the Star Wars sequel, “with a few changes” to send to George Lucas, given the film hasn’t been made yet.

chang and miles - lost

Later, a teary-eyed Miles is walking toward Chang’s house and he sees his father lovingly reading a story about Polar bears to the baby version of himself. It’s too much for Miles to take, but as he walks away, Chang comes out and says he needs Miles to drive him to the dock; a sub’s arrived, carrying scientists from Ann Arbor. Miles agrees and when they get there, Daniel Farady steps out of the sub and says to Miles, “Long time, no see” and there the episode ended! Epic!

daniel faraday - lost

In other storylines during last night’s show, the noxious Phil has found Sawyer’s security tape and approached Sawyer with it as evidence. Sawyer invited him into his house to talk about it the promptly punched him in the face and told Juliet to get some rope.

Also, Ben’s father Roger is told by Juliet that his son’s been abducted from the infirmary but he later grows suspicious about Kate when she tries to comfort him. He tells Jack about his suspicions but Jack just tells him he’s drunk and can’t trust his own instincts.

Now onto the Easter eggs of the show…

jack cleans the board - lost

First, the Dharma school children study Egyptology and hieroglyphics, which we saw when Jack was in there cleaning the blackboard.

316 - lost

Also, the episode opened with a microwave reading 3:16, which was of course the Ajira flight number. This is reminiscent of the clock time of 8:15 – Oceanic’s flight number – at the start of the new season premiere when Miles was a baby.

number 4 - lost

Next, Mr. Vonner, the dead man Miles found, was living in room number 4 and Sawyer told Miles to erase number 4 tape.

rabbit 8 - lost

Now, onto bunnies and the key Miles used to get into Vonner’s apartment was under a fake rabbit which had the number 8 etched into its ear. Rabbits are often the subjects of experiments by Dr. Chang and often have the number 8 branded/inked onto them.

Then there was the Polar bear book; remember the polar bears from way back when appearing on the island and Walt’s comic featuring them?

So what questions are left unanswered by last night’s show?

4 is considered a ‘bad luck’ number in Japan, Korea and China and represents the word “death” in Japanese, Korean and Chinese so what relevance does the appearance of the 4’s have in last night’s show and are we to find out that the other Numbers have similar significances?

Who does Bram and his team work for and how do they know about the Island?

Why and when did Dan Faraday leave the Island and how and why did he turn up in

Why did Dr. Chang want Alvarez’s body taken to the Orchid station?

Why and how did Miles and his mother leave the Island and why did Pierre Chang stay behind?

Why did Lara say Miles’s dad didn’t care about him when he clearly did?

Theories if you please, ‘cos I’m stumped!

Next week’s Lost is just a clip show reviewing what’s happened so far this season but the week after is the very special 100th episode of Lost centering on Daniel Faraday and it’s rumoured be the best episode of the season!

This is ABC’s press release about the episode which is entitled, The Variable…

“The Variable – On the 100th episode milestone for the series, the time of reckoning has begun when Daniel Faraday comes clean regarding what he knows about the island.”

Here’s the first promo for it – we’ll bring you any new ones we get asap!

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