Last Night’s TV – Lost: Whatever Happened, Happened

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Yet again, a humdinger of an episode which posed several interesting questions and had some great scenes; from make you laugh to make you cry – it was epic.

In case you missed it, in brief, Juliet, Sawyer, Jin and Kate all tried to save the wounded young Ben – who Sayid shot last week – but Jack would have no part in helping to save his life. Juliet was furious that he wouldn’t help her operate but he told her that he’d saved Ben Linus once and he only did it then for Kate; he wasn’t going to do it willingly again…

caroline littleton lost

It was in many ways a Kate-centric episode and we finally got to see what happened to Aaron when she went back to the island; she went to Claire’s mother, Caroline Littleton, and told her about Aaron being her grandson and how Claire was still on the island. Kate added that Claire hadn’t come back with the Oceanic 6 because she’d disappeared but that she, Kate, was going back to look for her.

It was a very moving scene when Kate cried silently and said goodbye to a sleeping Aaron who was to be left in his grandmother’s care.

Kate also fulfilled her promise to Sawyer to “take care” of his daughter kate-visits-cassidy lostClementine. She visited Cassidy, Clementine’s mother and told her the truth about what happened on the island and how Sawyer hadn’t come back because he’d jumped out of the helicopter when they were running low on fuel. Cassidy oddly remarked that action made him a coward. Why? Because she reckoned that Sawyer jumped not to save everyone else but to save himself from being ‘involved’ with Kate.

celemtine kate and aaron lostDespite Cassidy seeming to be quite hostile to Kate, the two clearly became good friends as we saw in flashforward/back Kate visiting again with Aaron at around 3 and Clementine a good deal older. Kate had just had a scary experience where she’d let go of Aaron’s hand in a supermarket to answer a call from Jack – which she rejected anyway – but when she turned around, Aaron was gone.

She ran frantically around the aisles looking for him and soon saw him beingaaron lost led by the hand by a blonde woman who bore a striking resemblance to Claire. The Claire look-alike told Kate she’d found him wandering and was just taking him to get an announcement made.

At Cassidy’s, Kate tearfully recounted her fear at losing Aaron but said she’d sort of expected him to be taken away one day, to which Cassidy replied, “That’s because you took him.”

On the Island, we saw Sawyer battling to keep the ‘secret’ vis-à-vis the Oceanic returnees safely in the closet, which was becoming increasingly difficult to do with Horace being suspicious of who’d let Sayid out of the cell. Sawyer then ordered Miles to keep Jack, Kate and Hurley in one of the houses and “sit on ‘em” until he could calm things down.

miles and hurley lost

It was then that Hurley and Miles had a conversation that Lost fans around the globe will have been having all last week, namely, how young Ben’s death – if he does in fact die – will affect the future.

It began with Hurley staring at his hand and making reference to Back To The hurley lostFuture which, if you recall, has a scene where Marty’s hand begins to disappear because the future’s been changed so that he no longer exists.

He also asked the question I’ve been asking myself all week too which is, how come older Ben didn’t remember all the Oceanic survivors and especially Sayid, given that it was he who’d shot Ben as a kid?

Their discussion was along the lines of the Grandfather Paradox which was first described by the science fiction writer René Barjavel in his book Le Voyageur Imprudent which means, The Imprudent Traveller. Lost writers love their literary references don’t they?

Anyway, the paradox – and Miles and Hurley’s discussion about time alteration – is this; if a man traveled back in time and killed his grandfather before he met the time traveller’s grandmother, then they would never meet and never have kids. As a result, the traveller would never have been conceived so this would imply that he couldn’t have travelled back in time after all, because he’s alive. He couldn’t have succeeded in his quest to kill his grandfather because then, he wouldn’t be alive to go and try to kill his grandfather…

sawyer kate ben lost

So while Hurley and Miles discussed timelines and time continuity as it exists for them, Juliet told Kate that unless Jack would help – which he wouldn’t – the only way to save Ben was to take him to the Others. Ever the hero, Kate revved up a campervan with Ben in the back and took him to the Others but of course she had to cross the weird sonic-blow-up-your-brain fence, however, Sawyer came to the rescue and keyed in the code so she and Ben could leave.

Risking everything, he went with her telling her that he wasn’t doing it for Ben, he was doing it for Juliet, which was something of a carbon copy of what Jack had said about saving Ben when he operated on his tumour – that he’d done it for Kate.

the others lost

So, Sawyer and Kate set off to find the Others and in time, were surrounded by Others with guns but Sawyer explained that unless they wanted war, they should just get Richard Alpert to come and listen to what Sawyer had to say. Lo, the ageless Richard appeared and when he’d heard what had happened, and also that the child was Ben Linus, he agreed to help but there were provisos.

He told Kate and Sawyer that if he helped save Ben he would ever after be one of them – as in, one of the Others – and that “he’ll lose his innocence” which seems a singularly odd statement to make.

Richard added that Ben would have “no memory of these events” so that would explain how come he doesn’t remember the Oceanic folks in later life… or does it? After all, older Ben knew everything there was to know about the Oceanic survivors when they crashed didn’t he?

richard-ben-temple lostAs Richard was talking, one of the other Others said that “Ellie and Charles” wouldn’t be happy to which Richard responded that he wasn’t answerable to either. I think we can safely assume he was referring to Mrs Hawkin and Charles Widmore… curiouser and curiouser! And with that, Richard took Ben and went off with him inside the Temple via a stone door.

The end of the show saw present time Ben waking up in the infirmary at thelocke lost Hydra with John Locke sitting at his bedside. As Ben looked very shocked to see the man he’d personally strangled to death sitting there large as life, John smiled and rather menacingly said, “Welcome back to the land of the living.”

Of course, this common phrase means something rather more literal on the island where death seems to be something that some people can recover from quite easily!

By this time, I was literally on the edge of my seat and my daughter and I let out a combined “ooooohhhhhhhh!” when it ended, as we usually do. Here’s a brief recap on video…

Now onto little Easter eggs and clues; Kate sang Catch A Falling Star to Aaron just as Christian had sung to Claire – who’s his daughter of course – a few seasons back. And when Claire was going to give her baby up for adoption, she asked the adoptive parents to sing that song to her baby.

kate supermarket numbers lost

As Kate ran down the supermarket aisles looking for Aaron, this shot shows aisles 3 and 2, only backward. A backward 32 is 23, one of the Numbers.

ellie and charles lost

We now know that Charles and Ellie are still on the Island in 1977 so assuming Ellie is actually Eloise Hawking, then they both have children who were presumably born before 1977. In other words, this may suggest that Daniel and Penny were born on the Island.


Anyway, next week’s episode is entitled, Dead Is Dead and this is what ABC says about it: “To atone for sins of the past, Ben must attempt to summon the smoke monster in order to be judged.” Here’s the first promo for it…

So please take your seats for our next departure to the Island and feel free to remain on the edge of them until we get some answers!

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