Last Night’s TV – One Born Every Minute

This series just gets better and better. It hasn’t dropped the ball even once, and each human interest story is told in such a way as to make us viewers feel we know the main protagonists.

Last night, we met Shelagh and Richard as well as Penny and Ben, and what a lovely pair… of pairs, they were!

Shelagh was having her first baby, and told with a refreshing honesty how, although the baby isn’t biologically Richard’s, the couple were going to raise the baby together as though Richard was…

I immediately liked Shelagh; she’s a horsey, outdoorsy type who clearly brooks no messing about. I suspect she’d sooner gouge out her own eyes ordinarily than show that she was crying, but she did in fact shed a tear as Richard held her newborn son and said, “Come to daddy…”

And she wasn’t on her own, I had a sudden case of something-in-my-eye-that’s-all as well.

But before that very lovely moment, there was a horribly tense segment of the show where I was very much afraid we were going to hear that Shelagh’s baby had died. His heart rate dropped and wouldn’t recover, so Shelagh was rushed off for a Category 1 caesarean section.

As Richard alternately paced, cried and simply waited, we did too – in spirit anyway – as the fate of both mum and baby hung frighteningly in the balance. But thank God, both emerged healthy and happy, and little Fraser’s dramatic entrance into the world was followed by a nesting peace as his parents got to know him.

Concurrently, we met Penny and Ben, and frankly, someone should get some DNA from Ben and clone the guy. He’s the perfect man judging by last night’s episode, and his loving attitude to Penny is the thing we all dream of in our Mr Right…

We’ve seen so many plonkers over this series that his wonderful support for Penny was a breath of fresh air. No inappropriate and downright unfunny pranks on labouring mum for him, nor yet telling his wife off for keeping him up with her boring and lengthy pain. And at no point did he make any of it about him. What a man; I want a Ben for my daughter.

And while it was obviously near killing him to see Penny in so much pain, his stolid and prevailing calm, his “I love you” comments and gentle touches were tear inducing too, but heart-warming to watch.

And happily, Penny and Ben had a beautiful baby girl. Touchingly, Penny had decided that she wanted Ben to tell her the sex of their baby, and with a voice choked with emotion, Ben introduced their new daughter to her mum…

I just can’t get enough of One Born Every Minute; I wish it was on every night.

Lynn is an editor and writer here at Unreality TV and is trained psychotherapist and the author of two books. She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, I'm A Celeb and Big Brother.