Last Night’s TV – Spooks

by Lynn Connolly


The return of another well loved series was on our screens last night in the form of Spooks, which to be honest, I’ve never been that big a fan of. I can’t seem to get ‘into’ it, but last night’s new series opener did, I must admit, have me on the edge of my seat a few times.

It’s been nearly a year since it was last on our screens so die hard fans will have been wondering all that time what was to become of Harry, played lovingly by Peter Firth. And it was obviously a bit of a downer that the head of MI5 had been bundled into a Russian’s boot…

Leading me to ask, what chance the rest of us if the man largely responsible for our security is so compromised? It’s a sticky wicket…

And it got even stickier when a video turned up on t’internet showing Harry face down in a spreading pool of blood. But there was no need to fear for as Ros – played skilfully by Hermione Norris – had figured out, it was all a cunning plan.

She’s cooler than a polar bear’s dangly bits is Ros; she barely flinched when someone’s head exploded and was only a tad irritated that he of the blow-up bonce didn’t finish what he was saying.

And as the plot wore on, I could think of nobody I’d trust more to stop those pesky would-be uranium nicking rogue agents and their gang of n’er do wells.

Then there was a whole big hoo-hah over Ruth’s hubby being shot and her son threatened with the same variety of lead poisoning, but Malcolm tried to sort it out by offering himself as a hostage if the baddies would kindly just release the boy. Rookie error Malc; now the baddies have a bonus MI5 hostage.

So what’s to become of everyone? Well, as this series seems to have upped its game, I may well stick around to find out.

I must say the acting is first rate, although I found the script a little too reliant on clichés about heroism and bravery. But if you’re willing to buy into the characters, you would inevitably be as willing to buy into the writing and so the plotlines may seem less fantastical than they might otherwise.

After all, we ordinary bods don’t of course know what goes on in MI5 and I don’t supposed anyone’s going to come forward and say, “Yeah, that really happens you know” or alternately, “That would never happen…”

As I said, I think I’ll stick with this series though, just to see how the intricate pattern of subplots all works out.

Lynn is an editor and writer here at Unreality TV and is trained psychotherapist and the author of two books. She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, I'm A Celeb and Big Brother.