Last Night’s TV – The Supersizers Eat… The Eighties

supersizers eat the eighties

I’m still not entirely sure what the point of this programme is/was, especially given that the ‘80s is probably within most of the viewers not that distant past, was there really any point revisiting it for this show? I think not…

There was a lot of “Do you remember” stuff such as Spangles, Wispa bars, Vienetta, Pot Noodles and Pop Tarts, but given that most of those are still available, they might only have scored an “Oh yeah! God I’d forgotten about those” hit with people who have early onset dementia. And there was a section in which Coren microwaved sweet and sour chicken as if he’d never encountered such a thing before. Mind you, perhaps he hasn’t. Perhaps he has a “lady that does” that kind of thing for him.

Sue Perkins and Giles Coren tried rather too hard to put the point across that the ‘80s was the template for how we live life now and specifically what we eat, but again, it was too recently passed for that to be in any way remarkable. supersizers lunch

Some of it was marginally fun I suppose; I quite enjoyed seeing Carol Decker again and definitely enjoyed hissing vulgarities at Norman Tebbit and Jeffrey Archer who’d popped up and discussed Margaret Thatcher’s eighties eating habits. As if anyone gives a toss. However, just in case you do, it turns out that the Iron Lady wasn’t in fact that big a fan of banoffee pie…

I personally don’t recall that tidbit of information ever making the headlines; as I remember it, they were more about her glorifying in warmongering than what her fave things to eat were, other than Argentinians and possibly small babies of course. But I guess I’ll take Coren and Perkins word for it.

The costumes and music were ok but again, many of us will still probably have one or two artefacts from this time lurking in a wardrobe and possibly even a CD or two from the era too, so it didn’t pack an evocative punch there either. And I have to say, I don’t recall Tiramasu ever tasting like “Tampax soaked in paraffin” as Perkins said it did and I never did indulge in nouvelle cuisine meals that cost £250 a throw, but Coren’s parents had it seems.

“If only they’d saved it, I wouldn’t have to make TV programmes now. I could be living in a castle” he observed. The omission of the word ‘crappy’ between ‘make’ and ‘TV’ would’ve been a better observation, based on the evidence of last night’s offering.

However, my biggest complaint about the show is that the title of it makes inference to the film Supersize Me in which Morgan Spurlock lived only on McDonald’s food for a month then assessed the health cost of doing so. For this show, at the end of just one week of drinking lots of pretentious coffees, multi-coloured cocktails and microwavable meals – in addition to a lot of things containing tomatoes – Coren saw a cardiologist to see how the week had affected his heart… and quelle surprise, it hadn’t. Who’da thunked.

The only ‘revelation’ to come out of his visit with the ticker doc was that too much coffee may make your heart race, but as this isn’t news to anyone, anywhere, again, it was pointless.

Perhaps it’ll improve as time goes on; next week they’re going Medieval so it’ll possibly be more interesting when they have to eat Cockentrice which is apparently made from “the forepart of a chicken sewn to the rear of a piglet.”


Lynn is an editor and writer here at Unreality TV and is trained psychotherapist and the author of two books. She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, I'm A Celeb and Big Brother.