Last Night’s TV – True Blood

by Lynn Connolly

true-blood-Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer

Oh joy to the world! This show – unlike FlashForward – hasn’t started to get bad on its second outing; it’s just getting better and better. And I’m so glad because since Lost hasn’t been on our screens, I’ve been hankering after something to really get my teeth into – pun entirely intended – and True Blood is it.

I suspected it was going to be compulsive viewing after last week’s first show, and last night’s second just confirmed that for me. I also really liked that we didn’t lose the first however many minutes of the show in a previously-on-True-Blood recap. It went right into the action where we left it, with Sookie getting a kicking from the trailer trash Rattrays.

Enter Bill, Matrixy fast old one to save the day and crush those pesky Rattrays like they were sticks. And rightly so too. I know I perhaps shouldn’t be condoning murder and everything but they really were nasty people and the world – albeit the fictional one – is better off without them.

And it seems that the positive properties of vampire blood are legion; it can improve your sex life, heighten your senses, make you feel really, really good and, oh yeah, save your life. When Bill prescribed liberal doses of his own V Juice to Sookie when she was so badly injured, her recovery was exceptionally speedy.

Another thing that I love about True Blood – aside from the great plot and characters – is that for once, an American TV show features prominently people who don’t have perfect dentition. Ordinarily, no matter where we see our American heroines – in a plane crash, marooned at sea, at war, whatever – they’re always perfect looking…

Sookie has a charming gap in her teeth and you can see actual bumps on the surface of her face that nobody’s even attempted to airbrush out. It makes the characters all the more real for me when they aren’t Barbie.

However, I digress and back to last night’s plot, as I said, it just gets better and better. Jason we learned did not kill Maudette, not that I ever thought he did, and the dog that keeps turning up for no good reason featured again, so he’s obviously important.

Bill met the rest of the Stackhouse family and while Jason and Tara were openly hostile to him, Gran made up for it by being the epitome of Southern charm. I love that woman. As I do Tara because some of her lines are so razor sharp, they’d cut you dead. I’m not so keen on Lafayette yet, but maybe that’s just because I haven’t got to know him well enough.

We also got to see more of that televised interview with vampire representative Nan but this time, the other guest on the show, Reverend Newlin, refused to even talk to Nan because of his devout hatred of vampires, and he wound up dead by the end of the show. Coincidence or the work of rogue vampires? We’ll have to wait and see.

In that regard, it’s rather like V used to be; it too started out offering conflicting sympathies and hatred for and of the ‘Visitors’, but of course it turned out there that they were indeed a big bunch of baddies. I hope it’s not going to be the case here, although the element of danger between Bill and Sookie has a kind of semi-sinister eroticism that the actors portray brilliantly.

Another example of that erotic element was when Bill was getting all hot under the collar with Sookie and his fangs accidentally popped out. Ooo, embarrassing. See, that must be awkward for vampires… whereas the normal ‘embarrassment’ caused to a bloke could be hidden with a cushion or something, there’s not a lot you can do to hide fangs is there?

Roll on next week when I’m sure Jason will be having kinky sex with someone – shame it’s not me – and Tara will utter more rapier barbs at pretty much everyone, and we may get to see more of that doggy… as in canine, not Jason’s preferred position. We may also get to see more great sidebars such as the one last night which was a National Inquirer headline about Angelina Jolie adopting a vampire child. Awesome.

Lynn is an editor and writer here at Unreality TV and is trained psychotherapist and the author of two books. She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, I'm A Celeb and Big Brother.