Last Night’s TV – We Are Klang

we are klang
Is it just me or is Greg Davies – who plays Greg in this show and Mr Gilbert in the Inbetweeners – actually Rik Mayall’s twin or some kind of cloning doppelganger? He looks like Rik, talks like Rik, has the comedic slapstick thing and gurning going on like Rik… seriously, the man IS Rik Mayall! It’s positively spooky!

I realise this may be old news to people familiar with Greg, but as I never watch Inbetweeners, and have never seen him in anything else, it’s the first time I’ve encountered him and his resemblance to Rik.

Anyway, I’ll stop obsessing about that now and move on to a review of We Are Klang. Here’s what the BBC says of this new show; “Extremely clever at being stupid, if.comeddie award-nominees We Are Klang bring their unique brand of comedic high-jinks to television.

“Filmed in front of a live studio audience, their new show is the offspring of traditional sitcom and cutting-edge live comedy.”

Erm, I’d have to disagree a tad there. Are there funny scenes? Yes. Are there funny one liners? Yes. But somehow, despite having the right ingredients, the comedic cake that cooked in front of said live audience turned out rather flat… it just didn’t work.

The whole shebang is set in “Klangbury council offices, from where three loser-heroes – Councillor Greg, supposed Deputy Mayor; Councillor Steve, Health and Safety; and Councillor Marek, Minister without Portfolio – unleash their unfathomable incompetence across this once functioning town.”

The show opened with Young Ones-esque slapstick, yelling, and a surreal song and dance routine involving a costume horse. The plot was that, given a fire had raged in the town – and with the fire department having only a £1 budget – Greg, Steve and Marek had to pull off something impressive for the benefit of the new mayor.

So a talent show was organised, and the word ‘talent’ might more appropriately be substituted with the words, ‘weirdos and freaks’.

The whole thing had the feel of Whose Line Is It Anyway? as well as The Young Ones, but as I mentioned, I didn’t laugh even one time. I felt I should have though, as if there was some in-joke I just wasn’t getting…

I loved The Young Ones and I can tolerate Whose Line, if I’ve had a few, but this show failed to press my giggle buttons. I feel bad about it because clearly everyone tried very hard; there was some sweating, more than a whiff of desperation at times, and there was a lot of clever interaction with the audience, albeit that it was rehearsed and scripted in the main. But no – I got nothing from We Are Klang except perhaps a feeling of frenzied, forced ‘fun’ which I just found tiring.

Sorry Klang gang, but I think this show’s more of a Klang-er than anything, and if Aunty Beeb is trying to raise the profile of BBC3, this offering will not have done a great deal to further that cause.

Lynn is an editor and writer here at Unreality TV and is trained psychotherapist and the author of two books. She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, I'm A Celeb and Big Brother.