Last Night’s TV – What Katie Did Next

As regular readers of Primetime will know, I’ve never been Katie Price’s biggest fan; I haven’t even been a little tiny one, however, having now watched several episodes of WKDN, an odd thing has happened…

I seem to be warming to KP.

I’m certainly not going to class myself as a ‘fan’ and I wouldn’t go as far as going to one of her innumerable book signings or personal appearances, but, given the evidence of these fly-on-the-walls, I don’t think she’s quite the narcissistic harridan I had her pegged as.

And, for a wonder, I actually felt rather sorry for her during last night’s ITV2 show when media speculation about her relationship with her riding trainer Andrew was grossly – and very misleadingly – blown out of proportion.

Last night’s show followed KP during the time that Alex Reid was first in the Celebrity Big Brother house and the rest of us endured sub-zero temperatures and snow; lots of snow. And like many, several of Katie’s employees and friends found themselves stuck, they just happened to be stuck at casa KP…

Fine and dandy, it happens, however, newspaper articles began appearing that suggested Andrew – who is a married man and a father of two – spent his snowbound time alone with KP in her house. However, thanks to the cameras that are following Katie 24/7, we got to see first hand that this was blatantly untrue. Andrew was one of many stuck at Katie’s house, including her publicist, an entire film crew and sundry others.

I felt worst for Andrew and his wife Polly who of course were then – wrongly – thrown into the media circus and their lives and marriage, albeit perhaps briefly, bandied about in the media. Not nice. Especially when it was clear that the newspaper reports twisted the tale, but as ever, those articles invoked the old no-smoke-without-fire rumours.

Then there was a segment when we saw KP discovering that one of her ‘friends’ had recorded – and put on YouTube – footage of Katie’s New Year’s Eve party, despite having signed a confidentiality agreement.

Now, part of me thinks that if you court publicity for a living – and by the nature of fame, people like KP do – I do believe that just like the rest of us, celebs are entitled to a private life as well. Not every moment of their lives should be available in the public arena, so KP was justifiably angry that this footage had ultimately ended up with the media.

I’ve seen that footage and there doesn’t seem to be anything incriminating on it – nobody’s throwing up or naked or anything – but nonetheless, I can see it’s the principle of the thing that irked KP. It would’ve annoyed me too.

And one thing that I increasingly like about KP is how she is with her children. Of course being a kind and caring mother isn’t the exclusive realm of the rich and famous but there is a tenderness on display when Katie’s with her children that belies her hard-as-nails public persona. And what lovely children they are.

So, while as a video diary, this episode wasn’t necessarily terribly exciting, it did serve to defrost further my previously frozen attitude to KP, so perhaps her statement that she wants Joe and Joanna Public to see ‘the real’ KP isn’t in fact just a hide behind statement which could be read as “I intend to milk further my celebrity status.” Perhaps that was and is truly her intention, and for this pilgrim, it’s working.

Lynn is an editor and writer here at Unreality TV and is trained psychotherapist and the author of two books. She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, I'm A Celeb and Big Brother.