Last Night’s TV – Young, Dumb and Living Off Mum

young, dumb and living off mum

I missed the third outing of this show when it was on originally but I managed to catch it last night on BBC3, and I’m glad I did… the show and the people in it just get more intriguing.

The parents are fun to watch too; putting ordinary parents in a room together and making them criticise each others kids would be hard enough, but putting these uber-devoted parents together is a real stroke of genius. The tensions are palpable as they all have to decide who’s got to go. I can see that segment of the show becoming a real maelstrom of emotion as the kids get picked off.

Anyway, as always, this week, the kids had to do a decent day’s work and keep the house clean and stick to a budget, and as always, they didn’t all do very well. In fact, most of them did a pretty pants job of the whole shebang actually.

Rachel didn’t contribute £5 to the house kitty – but everyone else did – because she’d spent her budget on booze, so that went down like a lead balloon and she became more of a house pariah than she normally is. She was also not doing well on the personal hygiene front and pretty much everyone else complained that she smelled and didn’t wash herself or her clothes. And to be fair to them, she was filthy. Her feet looked like she’d been walking through mud for weeks.

But apropos of mud, their work challenge this week was on a farm. There were some rib achingly funny scenes when Nicola got her right leg stuck in the mud and was “sinking”. She’s a mardy moo and totally self obsessed but in terms of comedic value, she’s priceless.

Dina ended up losing a welly while trying to aid Nicola’s rescue and it was left to the farmer, using strategically placed planks of wood, to save them and get Dina’s welly back on. He was clearly not a man entirely comfortable with pandering to the whims of spoiled teenagers, but Dina, with finesse, managed to get him to pull her welly back on for her while he grumbled under his breath, issuing forth words like, “useless” and “I’ve never met such…” Brilliant.

I must say, Dina’s really growing on me. I’ve always liked her more than the others really because while she might be bone idle, she’s gutsy and always up for pretty much anything. And unlike many of the others, she’s not whiny; if she’s got an issue, she just goes for the jugular of whoever’s bugging her, and it does make good telly. Plus, she’s from Chester which is where I’m from, so I guess I’m maybe a little bit biased on that front.

But unchanged is my opinion of Nicola; she’s such a waste of space. She cries to order, constantly moans and isn’t remotely interested in being part of a group. She gives up on everything the second it doesn’t suit her anymore and generally makes pretty much no effort at all.

And actually, it’s because of Nicola and long gone Orion that I have to question the veracity of the rules of this game. In the first week when Orion left, he was booted because he was too good at living independently. Now, apparently, the rules are that whoever in the end is judged to have improved significantly will win the round the world trip.

But that’s surely very unfair? Because by definition, that would mean that anyone who improves significantly in the meantime may be booted out just like Orion was, and equally, if they’re looking to keep in the worst miscreants in, in order to give them time to get better, then surely each week the person who’s done best – as happened with Orion – should go?

Also, based on the factors that the parents are looking at for who should go, I really, really don’t get why Nicola’s still there? It was Rachel who left this week, based on her boozing and lack of familiarity with soap, but surely Nicola’s constant whinging and inability to get off her backside and do a hand’s tap is a worse crime?

That said, for all Nicola’s dislikeable, she does make for good TV, so maybe the show’s bosses had a word or two with the parents and asked them not to be too hard on her and keep her in? I’m only speculating, perhaps that didn’t happen at all, but I just don’t see how the parents can keep on ignoring her very obvious and numerous rebellions against growing up.

Anyway, the rest of the house were pretty chuffed that Rachel was offski and Dogan upset Nicola by cheering on hearing the news then announcing that Nicola would be next. Eek.

So next week, Dina’s dad Darren is setting their challenge and it’s to work a market stall on the Portobello Road. Can’t wait!

Lynn is an editor and writer here at Unreality TV and is trained psychotherapist and the author of two books. She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, I'm A Celeb and Big Brother.