Last Night’s TV – Young, Dumb And Living Off Mum

young, dumb and living off mum
This was one of those programmes that anyone with blood pressure problems really shouldn’t watch because it’ll wind you up so badly. I personally can’t watch Supernanny because it just makes my blood boil at the ludicrousness of watching grown adults cowed and weeping because of a despot three year old. Well this show was rather similar except it demonstrated what’ll happen in twenty years or so if you spoil your kids rotten when they’re little.

The show took eight young people between the ages of 17 and 25 – who’d never done a day’s work and lived off their parents – and plonked them in a house. Dina, Orion, Danielle, Sean, Nicola, Jay, Rachel and Dogan – pronounced Dohan – varied in the degree of their obnoxiousness. Coming top for me in the obnoxiousness stakes were Nicola – who looks like a demonic Spaniel – Danielle, Dina and Dogan, in that order, for reasons pertaining to their total lack of respect for anything or anyone…

Each of them has been kept body and soul by their parents who say yes to their every whim. The majority of the parents seem to have more money than sense and have spent years hurling said money at these ungrateful brats, but then scratched their collective heads as to what could’ve gone so wrong to make their kids so lazy and lacking motivation. By the end of this first show however, they’d all realised that in fact they’d made these kids what they are and they also realised it needed to stop, for everyone’s sakes.

Danielle, who wears enough make-up to keep Avon going single-handedly, speaks to her mother like she’s something she just stepped in. Nicola also treats her mother like a live in slave and doesn’t mind being completely rude and vile to her whenever she feels like it. Dina isn’t especially unpleasant to her father but she knows how to wrap him round her little finger to get what she wants while Dogan – the son of wealthy nightclub owners – has a temper so bad, his mother’s afraid of it and him.

The others really didn’t seem to be as bad of those four but nonetheless, all of them are lazy, wilful and don’t see why they should work when there’s some other mug who’ll do it for them.

The premise of the whole exercise is to show the young people what it’s like to have to fend for themselves; it was rather like a hybrid of Big Brother and Brat Camp. The prize at the end of it is a round the world trip and each week, the parents of these repellent brats must vote off one person until the winner remains.

They do this based on how well or badly the ‘kids’ have coped with living in the real world where mummy and daddy aren’t on hand to fork out cash and wait on them hand and foot.

So their first trial was moving into the house and – shock horror – making their own beds, shopping and finding the central heating boiler so that they’d have hot water. None of that went well, predictably enough.

Next up was having to do a day’s work, which was analogous to making Herod boss of a nursery; the majority of them just don’t ‘do’ work nor understand that this is what makes clothes, food and running water that’s hot appear in their homes. They were all sent to two hotels in London to spend the day doing various tasks such as cleaning and prepping rooms, waiting on tables and working in the kitchens. Out of all of them, the only one with any clue what to do and how to behave was Orion.

I really liked Orion and actually, he was the only one I did like. The rest were/are total little sh**s; rude, arrogant, lazy and totally lacking in respect for authority. This soon became evident when they had to actually do the jobs given. Dina compared the housekeeping staff to slaves, which did not go down well and Dogan got into a row with the manager of the hotel during which he said his family wouldn’t employ him and he shouldn’t call himself a manager.

Meanwhile, Danielle was horrified that she’d have to ask every person at a party that evening if they wanted still or sparkling water but was more horrified that her hair and make-up would suffer because of this work thing.

Nicola spent the entire time cocking everything up because she was too lazy to even listen to instruction and Dina did likewise because she’s either to thick to understand even the simplest of tasks or was trying to play the “I’m dumb don’t ask me to do stuff” card.

Then later, a row ensued between Nicola, Rachel and Dina when Nicola and Rachel had gone to a pub and not asked Dina to go with them. What Dina didn’t know at the time was that Rachel and Nicola couldn’t stand her, however, after a screaming match and some drunken falling over – and a bit of shoving – she took the hint.

At the end of the first task, the parents were supposed to vote off the person who’d done worst, however, they changed the rules a tad and decided to vote off the person they considered didn’t really need the experience of being in the house. That person was Orion and to be fair, he was definitely the least brat like of them all and was very likeable.

So with Orion gone, there are seven of the most spoiled narcissists in the country left to fight it out for a trip around the world, and if I was the parent of any of them, I’d hope that it was a one-way trip which deposited the winner in some far flung place never to return.

If you missed it, you can watch it on iPlayer here, but keep the tablets for your blood pressure handy…

Lynn is an editor and writer here at Unreality TV and is trained psychotherapist and the author of two books. She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, I'm A Celeb and Big Brother.