Last Night’s TV – Yvette and Karl: The Wedding

by Lynn Connolly

I’m not sure quite how I’ve managed to miss it, but it was only last night that I realised there was a new Living channel called Livingit. So having stumbled across it, I also stumbled upon Yvette and Karl, The Wedding.

It followed TVs latest golden couple as they renewed their vows in Las Vegas, and to be honest, I wasn’t entirely convinced it wasn’t all done for the cameras.

I really do like Yvette and Karl; I think they’re very down to earth and a genuinely nice couple, but the series of fly-on-the-wall shows that they’re doing for Living TV smack of stage setting often.

I would have thought that were the couple to genuinely renew their vows, it would be done in a very lavish and luxurious way – as Yvette’s 40th birthday was done – and whilst of course jetting off to LA to be renewed by Elvis isn’t something most people can do at the drop of a hat, it still didn’t feel ‘real’.

However, irrespective of if it was or was not done simply to get a programme out of it, it was an entertaining watch. And as ever, Karl was being pretty rude to Yvette’s mum who finally lost patience and nearly – very nearly – raised her voice. And in public too!

But it was all relatively quickly forgotten and the pre-wedding sight seeing continued with a visit to Tiffany’s for Karl who presented Yvette with a necklace she’d seen there and fallen in love with.

When I was waiting for Yvette to open the box – as it was from Tiffany’s – I was picturing a sparkly diamond affair, but the necklace turned out to resemble something you might find in a cracker. But there, a jewellery connoisseur I’m not…

Anyway, after visits to a stage-set of the wild west, and a dubious magic show – to which Yvette objected as they used live animals, and rightly so – it was time for the Big Day.

We’d heard early on in the show that Yvette was pregnant when she and Karl married the first time, so she’d apparently always wanted to wear a wedding gown that wasn’t from the maternity range. Karl had promised her that one day, they’d renew their vows and she could wear her dream dress, and she did.

And she did look beautiful in it I must say. Karl however just looked a bit of a lemon in a shiny Elvis-esque gold lamé jacket and sunglasses that I’m pretty sure did in fact come out of a cracker.

But it was a sniffle along moment when Karl got teary eyed as the renewal of vows got under way, and when Yvette set off being weepy too, that set me off. I just can’t watch someone else cry and not join in; it’s like a law or something.

Then it was off to a diner to celebrate and at this show ended, I flicked over to Living for Most Haunted. Yes, it was a real Yvette and Karl fest in our house last night, but to be honest, aside from the fact that I do genuinely enjoy watching them, there was bog all else on!

Lynn is an editor and writer here at Unreality TV and is trained psychotherapist and the author of two books. She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, I'm A Celeb and Big Brother.