Last night’s Shameless: Credit Crunch – Review

by Lynn Connolly

Oh I so love this series! It just gets better and better! This week saw Frank being the victim of identity theft and someone had run up huge credit card debts in his name, however, no sooner had Tom arrested him than he had to let him go again when it was obvious that Frank had nothing to do with it – this time!

Frank is of course pretty much oblivious to the effects of the credit crunch; he couldn’t get a library card, never mind a credit card, but David Threlfall who plays him told the Daily Mirror that the credit crunch might well mean the show gets more viewers…

The 55-year-old actor told the paper that, “Frank’s plight is very pertinent.

“The kind of schemes Frank gets up to can be found everywhere these days. He always manages to scrape by somehow or other.

“What could be more relevant in the current climate? Ironically the financial crisis means that people might stay in more to watch how Frank tries to get out of it.”

He’s probably right too!

I adore David Threlfall; he’s undeniably one of the most versatile actors we have in this country.

Anyway, getting back to last night’s show, having his criminal record wiped clean left Frank with a rather unusual dilemma; he was now eligible for jury service given that he was considered an upstanding citizen! The only time Frank’s upstanding is when a quickie in the Jockey’s loo is on the cards or he’s in line for his giro!

However, as he sat with the other jurors, he recognised mate after mate in the dock so it was quite some time until a defendant that he didn’t know was on trial! And Frank being Frank, he soon found that he could turn the situation to his advantage by claiming expenses.

His new friend and fellow jury member Helen seemed fascinated with Frank and happily filled him in on how to claim for his time. This in turn meant that he constantly delayed proceedings and dragged out the verdict for as long as possible.

On the subject of women and Frank, I think it’s a brilliant twist from the writers that Frank is often the subject of rabid passion from beautiful women! Since the show began, he’s had endless pretty women launching themselves at him… classic.


Meanwhile, Mickey and Shane were attempting to scam tourists with their `Madchester’ tours of Manchester in Mickey’s pink limo. This consisted of Shane donning a ginger wig to look like Mick Hucknall and freaky clothes and a miserable expression to look like Morrissey.

Not all the clients were easily duped though and hyper copper Carrie was soon slapping the cuffs on Mickey however, no sooner had she cuffed herself to him, the floor of the old warehouse she’d chased him into gave way and she was left dangling by the wrist while Mickey sparked a joint.

Eventually, after not a great deal of protestation, Carrie tried a toke or two and was soon pouring out details about the fact that she’d never experienced an orgasm. Now, before this, Mickey had taken to writing erotica so, in a bid to help Carrie out with her dearth of climax experience, he read some of it to her with the result that she did in fact manage to do the deed. And not only did she do the deed, she did it multiply!

I just can’t fault Shameless; everything about it is funny, darkly realistic and brilliantly acted. Roll on next week’s episode in which Monica’s feeling neglected when Frank won’t sleep with her however, a ‘hypnotist night’ at the Jockey could provide the answer for her!

Carl’s new job leads to a sexy encounter but when he’s diagnosed with an STI, he embarks on a mission to inform all his past sexual conquests… which could take some time! The Maguires meanwhile are outraged when they discover the grave of their son Fergal has been desecrated. God help whoever did that when Paddy finds them!

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Lynn is an editor and writer here at Unreality TV and is trained psychotherapist and the author of two books. She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, I'm A Celeb and Big Brother.