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locke boar bearing - Lost

Well that was one hell of an episode wasn’t it?! And it didn’t take John long to find his feet as leader did it? One minute the guy’s dead, now all of a sudden he’s Captain I’m In Charge Of Everything, and I’m not sure he’s quite as likeable as he once was… or is he even more of a good guy?? I’m – as always – lost in Lost and more confused than a… confused thing.

So, in case you missed it – in which case, you’re mad or in prison or something – here’s a recap of what happened…

dead dan - Lost

Jack and Kate - Lost

After Faraday was killed, which Jack and Kate watched from their hiding place in the bushes, the pair were captured by the Others.

Jack and Kate are captured - Lost

Jack explained to Ellie that they’re from the future and he told her about Daniel’s plan to detonate the hydrogen bomb. After some prevarication – but after she recognised that it was her handwriting in the front of Dan’s journal – she agreed to take him to it.

Radzinsky beats Sawyer - Lost

Meanwhile, Sawyer was being beaten up by the horrible Radzinsky in order to get information about Jack, Kate, Hurley and the Others, but Sawyer refused to talk.

Phil punches Juliet - Lost

The equally vile Phil then decided that punching Juliet in the face might change Sawyer’s attitude, but the pair kept schtum and didn’t tell the gruesome twosome anything.

Hurley tells Chang the truth - Lost

Elsewhere, Hurley, Miles and Jin were about to escape from Dharma central to the beach when Dr. Chang confronted them in the bushes near the Dharma camp. He began to question them as to whether what Daniel had said was true and asked them if they were in fact from the future. Hurley at first denied it but when Dr Chang asked him questions about when he was born and who was President, Hurley didn’t have a Scooby so they were forced to admit that yes, they are from the future and that Miles is indeed his son.

change makes wife and baby get on sub - Lost

So, convinced now that what Daniel said was true, Chang immediately followed Faraday’s advice and began to evacuate the island using the old women and children first rule.

miles watches his own baby self - Lost

This meant that Miles got to see his dad having to be harsh and forcing his mum – and his baby self – onto the sub; Dr Chang didn’t have time to explain to his missus why she had to evac, and she wasn’t impressed, which explains why she’d told Miles his dad didn’t want them and sent them away.

sayid - Lost

While all that was going on, Kate decided to head back to the Dharma camp, refusing to help detonate the bomb and determined to stop Jack, Ellie et al from doing so, however, as she was heading back through the jungle, an ‘Other’ threatened her with a gun and up popped good old To The Rescue Man Sayid who shot the Other dead, leaving Kate free to go on her merry way while Sayid joined Jack and the Jughead gang.

sawyer-being-beaten-up - Lost

Back with Sawyer, he told Radzinsky that he’d make a deal with him; if he and Juliet got to leave on the sub with the other evacuees, he’d tell Radzinsky how to find the Others. Radzinsky agreed and told Sawyer to draw him a map of how to find the ‘Hostiles’ as he called them.

horace-peace-maker - Lost

While all this beating up was going on, Peace Out Man Horace objected, especially to the smacking in the kisser of a woman, but Radzinsky overruled him and in what amounted to a coop – or is it ‘coup’? – he announced that “I’m in charge now”.

richard - Lost

Back with Jack, Ellie and Richard Alpert took him and Sayid to the bomb which involved swimming through some underground tunnels, a moment that had me subconsciously holding my own breathe until they were through to the other side… I always do that when I see people swim underwater!

where the bomb is - Lost

Anyway, this brought them into what appeared to be a chamber which I suspect is beneath the temple and where the bomb was being stored.

sawyer and juliet on the sub - Lost

Meanwhile, we then saw Sawyer and Juliet get aboard the sub and just as they’d declared their love for each other, there was a last-minute addition to the passenger list; Kate boarded the sub as well, which didn’t please Juliet in the slightest.

kate on the sub - Lost

Oh, and just as an aside, we got to see the Dharma Sub logo for the first time ever on Captain Bird and some of the other crew’s jumpsuits…

dharma-sub_logo - Lost

So, then we jumped to thirty years later and saw Locke, Sun and Ben arrive at the Other’s camp.

Richard with boat in a bottle - Lost

Someone ran into Richard’s tent to tell him “He” was there, which interrupted Richard from building a ship in a bottle which I assume was The Black Rock. Anyway, Locke took Richard and Ben into the jungle after promising Sun that he’d do whatever he could to reunite her with Jin.

john and richard - Lost

In the jungle, Locke told Richard that he had to help a wounded man who’d be coming out of the jungle any moment. He handed him a pack that he’d need to get the bullet out of this man’s leg and sure enough, seconds later, there was Locke hobbling on his bullet-shot leg after he’d been shot by Ethan, so Richard duly headed over and took out the bullet.

Richard and time travel John - Lost

There was also a moment where Richard showed John the compass that Locke had given him just seconds before time travel Locke had got to the spot where Richard met him… confusing this time travel stuff isn’t it?? Anyway, John disappeared in the time jump and Richard – having completed his task – and the trio headed back to camp.

John addresses the crowd - Lost

Once there, Locke gathered everyone who was around and announced that as they’d all been taking orders from Jacob, but nobody as yet had actually seen the man, he intended to go find him and asked everyone to come with him, which they all agreed to do.

john and ben - Lost

The closing scene was of Locke telling a stunned Ben that he wasn’t bothered about “reuniting his people”, despite his promise to Sun – as in, the Oceanic survivors – and in fact, when he gets to see Jacob, he’s going to kill him. Gasp!

But why??

Well, we didn’t get to find out but as next week is the finale of season five, I’m guessing we may find out, or, they may keep us hanging until the final season of Lost begins again next year.

And there’s a bit of confusion over next week’s episode. All our TV guides list ‘The Incident’ – the season finale’s title – as being on from 9pm to 10:50pm on Sky1, however in the US, before the finale, they’re being shown an episode entitled, Lost: A Journey in Time, which is a ‘recap’ episode, so whether our schedules will change over the course of the week we’ll have to see, or maybe we aren’t being shown that episode at all!

Mind you, we don’t really need to see it; we had the Story of the Oceanic Six not long ago and this season’s gone by so fast, again, I don’t think we really need a recap show.

So now onto some easter eggy goodness and what questions this episode left us with…

Ellie/Eloise repeats her line - Lost

Eloise: When Ellie, Jack, Sayid and Richard got to the bomb, Ellie said “All right, let’s get started” which is exactly what the future Eloise said when Ben gathered as many of the Oceanic Six together as he could – to go back to the Island – and took them to see her in her mysterious ‘lab’.

the compass - Lost

The Compass: Once again, the compass that Richard gave Locke is a bewildering paradox; Locke gave the compass to Richard in 1954, then more than fifty years later, Richard gave it to Locke. Locke then travelled back in time, starting the cycle over again by giving it to Richard… eek.

captain bird and the numbers - Lost

Engines 2 & 3: On the Dharma sub, before diving, Captain Bird asked for a check on engines 2 and 3, which combine to form 23, one of the Numbers. Any relevance or just another teaser from the writers? Who knows!

Also, this episode was the second time where a character saw themselves at an earlier time; the first being when Miles saw himself as a baby in Dr. Chang’s house, and last night, when Locke watched as Richard removed the bullet from his other self.

Now, onto questions we’re left with…

1. Why does John want to kill Jacob?
2. Richard told Sun he’d seen Jin – and the other Losties in 1977 – but he added that he’d watched them die… is that true, and if so, how do they die?
3. Why was Richard hesitant about taking Locke to Jacob?
4. How did the Hostiles/Others move the bomb into the tunnels in the first place and how are they going to get it out again?
5. If Locke got the compass from Richard, and Richard got it from John fifty years earlier, who made or got the compass in the first place and why? What’s its significance?

So, next week – unless we’re told otherwise and get this extra recap show – The Incident is a nearly two-hour long episode that concludes season five… which means my life is over until it comes back next year.

ABC’s promo for the show reads: “Jack’s decision to set things right on the island is met with some strong resistance by those close to him, and Locke assigns Ben a difficult task.”

Here’s the first promo for The Incident…

Here’s some behind the scenes/filming footage which contains one bit of a spoiler – not a huge one, but still – so don’t watch it if you don’t want to know…

And finally, here are the promo pics from the finale

If I get news about this ‘missing’ recap episode, I’ll let you know, and before next week’s finale, we’ll update you with new promos and sneek peeks as we get them!

sub - Lost

However, from the look of these pics and sneek peeks, it seems the sub passengers don’t make it off the island – despite the fact it submerged and seemed to set off – and we’re going to have flashbacks/forwards again to when Jack and his dad Christian worked at the same hospital! Yay!

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