Last Night’s TV – Lost: Happily Ever After

OH. MY. GOD. And if I weren’t paid to expound on that, it would suffice.

In my opinion, this was one of THE best episodes of Lost, ever. Not least because we got to see a really lot of Des, who I’m in love with, but also because the Sidestep reality is coming undone…

Let’s look at the evidence…

Ok so first up, Easter egg-wise, we saw Des looking at the flight board when Hugo told him he could get his luggage at carousel 4; 4 is of course one of the numbers.

Then, as per the pic below, we saw the following info – many thanks to Buddy TV as ever for the screencaps…

Oceanic 815: Flight arrived at 10:42am at Gate 8. 8 and 42 are two of The Numbers as well of course.

Desmond also met Claire of course and rightly predicted she’d have a baby boy. Good guess or rogue memory?Then later, we saw him having a ‘vision’ of Charlie showing him the writing on his hand that we saw in the episode where Charlie died on the Island…

And Charlie seems to have full knowledge that there’s a Sidestep world going on too.

Next egg was a painting of the scales in Widmore’s office, and in Sidestep, Des is Charles’ BFF, but he’s also single. Anyway, the scales have been seen lots of times this season.

Later, there was reference to “push the button” which gave Des a start; because of course he pushed the button in the hatch for years.

Later still, while talking to Eloise – who clearly fully realizes what’s going on as she told Des with authority, “You’re not ready yet Desmond.” Ready for what?? But anyway, she told him early on in their conversation about Charlie Pace going AWOL, “Whatever happened, happened.”

Again, this phrase has been central to season 6 and intimates at how events/history cannot be changed, but when Des met with Daniel – we of course knew him to be Daniel Faraday – he fervently believed things could, and were, changed. And also, in Island reality, Charles Widmore’s son died, but in Sidestep, he didn’t obviously; because he’s Daniel.

Another egg was when Penny was mentioned, and her surname was Milton, not Widmore as in previous seasons. One possible reason for this is that the book Paradise Lost was written by John Milton, and one of the first to ever pen a commentary about that book was Patrick Hume. Hume is also Des’s surname. Oooooooooooo.

The theme of couples and love featured heavily, with Charlie talking about having seen a “rapturously beautiful woman” who was blonde. Was that Claire? I assume so. And later, Dan spoke of the same sort of experience when talking to Des about Charlotte and by then, Des had had his own vision of love – Penny.

And you will no doubt have noticed that Des met Penny at the stadium. It’s featured large in Des’s story throughout, and was both where he met Jack and where he said goodbye to Penny when he set off in the sail boat that was eventually to land him on the Island.

So now onto some questions; if Daniel and Penny are half-siblings, and if we assume Daniel is the biological son of Eloise and Charles, then who’s Penny’s mum/dad??

And finally, why did Desmond go so willingly with Sayid when a few seconds before, he’d happily agreed to co-operate with Widmore?


We’re getting so near the end now, it’s scary but very exciting!

So next week, the episode is Hurley centric. It’s entitled Everybody Loves Hugo, and ABC says of it, “Hurley worries over what the group should do next, and Locke is curious about the new arrival to his camp”.

Here are a couple of promos…

See you next week!

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