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I suspect my head may explode soon if Lost continues to be so grippingly, irritatingly, wonderfully confusing!

Why didn’t Sun end up with the others and apparently, not even in the same time era? And why were she, Ben and Lapidus – as well as the other survivors – on a different island?

Why was Sayid separated from everyone else, including the Marshall he was handcuffed to?

Lost Juliet before she found out the baby was Ethan!

I really am loving the whole Losties – and Juliet – being in the past though. Did you see Juliet’s face when Amy told her the baby’s name was Ethan? She dropped that kid like he was a hot brick!


Sawyer’s doing a grand job of being the boss of everything and he’s still in there with his quick one-liner put downs and sarcastic names for everyone, which is comforting in this whole new Lost world. I get the feeling Juliet’s not sure of her place in his life now that Freckles is back though. And speaking of Kate, where’s Aaron? Or doesn’t he exist now since his mother hasn’t even been born yet?

Getting back to Sawyer, I’m don’t think Jack’s digging the fact that the balance of power has shifted now, especially as Jack’s a ‘newbie’ – and a humble Workman at that – while Jim/James is running the whole shebang more or less.

Lost Jack

Apropos of which, Jack wasn’t impressed to find Sawyer and Juliet living together was he? I suspect he had expected to fall into Juliet’s arms… but there again, he’d got quite a thing going with Kate in the three years they were away, so the Lost love quadrangle continues unabated evidently.

Perhaps it being the seventies, some of the swinging of the sixties will have lingered on and everyone can just freely love everyone else. Now that would be an episode worth watching wouldn’t it? Not that they aren’t all worth watching of course, at least once.

Lost young Ben

And I thought it was a masterstroke introducing the then young, bespectacled Ben to Sayid as he took him a sandwich… and was it just me or did anyone else think that young Ben somehow knows exactly who Sayid is?

What do you suppose would happen if Sayid killed young Ben? Would it alter the whole course of history? A bit like Stephen King’s ‘The Dead Zone’ when psychic Johnny killed the potentially psychopathic nuclear button pusher of a new president before he could get to be the new president?

Would they all magically transport back to their lives before Ben’s intervention in them or would they just carry on being on the island but in a totally different future? Like in Back To The Future when Old Biff nicked the time machine and ‘skewed’ the time line… I need a Nurofen…

lost-namaste sun ben

Anyway, let’s get back to what we know for sure; we now have Sayid held captive, believed by most Dharma folk to be a Hostile. Sun is in some other time and having paddled to THE island with Lapidus – having knocked Ben out courtesy of an oar to the head – has encountered the mysterious, creepy and supposedly dead Christian, and four of the Oceanic Six are working for Dharma. Phew.

lost namaste new recruits

And as Hurley rightly pointed out, all the Dharma Initiative people are destined for an untimely and rather icky death, however, James seems to have it all in hand and with his knew found confidence and ability to think via reading, I’d trust him to get me out of another fine mess any day.

He could get me out of a lot of things, but that’s a whole ‘nother story…

lost christian

As to Christian, I’m totally and utterly confused… is he dead and therefore a ghost? Is he Jacob? Why does he only seem to show up in the dark and why is always accompanied by whispering someones/somethings? And just where/when is Claire?

Arrrggghhhh! So many questions that I desperately want the answers to but I fear a life devoid of Lost when I’ve got them… note to self; add “need a life” to earlier statement about “need a Nurofen”

So next week’s episode is sure to be another mind boggler. It’s entitled, ‘He’s Our You’ in which things begin to unravel when one of the survivors goes rogue and takes matters into their own hands — risking the lives of everyone on the island.

Here’s ABC’s promo for it…

Nurofen at the ready folks!

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