Last Night’s TV – Lost: What Kate Does

by Lynn Connolly

I didn’t feel as wam-bammed by this episode as I did by 1 and 2, but that of course doesn’t mean it wasn’t still awesome. I mean, it is Lost after all…

So, let’s have our weekly post-mortem of goings on, and someone who should’ve been due a PM is Sayid, who, last week, was as dead as a dodo. But as we saw that the end of last week’s LA X, he came back to life.

Or did he? Is it in fact the mystery ‘thing’ or being that seems to be able to inhabit the bodies of the dead? To wit, Fake Locke?

But as a sidebar, I have to say that the real Locke must be remarkably well preserved. He’s out of that coffin, lying on a beach in a tropical climate, and there’s not a blow-fly to be seen!

However, moving swiftly on, and getting back to Sayid’s story and the mysterious folk in the temple who saved him/killed him/saved him?? Who knows! But Sayid’s return to health from death was, according to Dogen – the Chinese dude who seems to be in charge – not something to celebrate.

We saw that he wanted Jack to give Sayid a pill to cure his ‘infection.’ Then of course it turned out that the pill was in fact poison. So are we to assume then that the infection is Smokey Fake Locke? Or is it perhaps the much talked about sickness that got Rousseau’s crew?

But the biggest oooo moment about that for me was near the end when Dogen told Jack that Sayid’s infection was the same one his sister had; his sister being Claire of course who we saw on the island right at the end. If it had been EastEnders, the duff duffs would’ve kicked in.

Then of course there was the whole Kate and Claire situation in the other reality. Kate especially seemed to have a few déjà vu moments when she and Claire talked about Aaron and when Kate saw Jack in the airport.

And during the visit to the hospital when Claire went into premature labour, there was spooky Ethan! I nearly swallowed my teeth!

And, just for those of us obsessed with detail, the nurse who met Claire and Kate outside the hospital is the same woman who Kate hired as Aaron’s nanny during season 4’s ‘Eggtown.’ Here’s a pic of her in the two episodes…

Which brings us nicely onto this week’s Easter Eggs and as ever, our friends at Buddy TV have some brill screencaps for us…

First up is the toy whale that Kate found in Claire’s suitcase. You’ll see from the pic that it looks like it’s the same one Aaron was holding during the flash-forward from season 4 episode, ‘Something Nice Back Home.’

Then there was mention of Joan Hart when the police came to Claire’s hospital room asking about Kate. This was an alias that Kate’s used before too. No idea if that’s significant, but there, we’re never sure are we!

Next, let’s took at Leslie Arzt use of the saying that both Michael J Fox and Sawyer have both used, though of course the former being from Back to the Future – the “Hey I’m walkin’ here, I’m walkin’ here!” phrase…

If you recall, Sawyer used that phrase when Ana Lucia was driving Christian Shephard around and almost ran James over. It was in the episode, ‘Two for the Road.’

Ooo the plot thickens!

So now, here are a few promo trailers for next week’s episode, which is entitled, The Substitute…

As you will have gathered, it’s a Locke-centric episode, so here’s hoping we get some answers about him! See you next week!

Lynn is an editor and writer here at Unreality TV and is trained psychotherapist and the author of two books. She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, I'm A Celeb and Big Brother.