Last Night’s TV & Why I LOVE Shameless… a catch up!

I’ve missed Shameless for a few weeks now, for several reasons but primarily because it’s on late and I’m a bit of an old fart and have to be in my bed by ten or I’m like a dead thing the next day… however, yesterday, feeling in devil-may-care mood, I stayed up past ten and caught up with the Chatsworth Estate gang.

Ably aided by my daughter, who never misses an episode, I got up to speed with what they’ve been doing – ‘scuse the ‘speed’ pun – and I’m going to make a point of staying up to watch it in future. In fact last night, throwing caution to the wind, I actually stayed up to watch the next episode on E4’s First Look too! I know!

So, the article that follows may contain spoilers about next week’s episode so if you didn’t watch it on First Look or don’t want to know what happens, don’t read on!


However, in case you’ve similarly missed the last few episodes, it transpired that Paddy had been kidnapped by a woman whose son Paddy sold heroin to and she’d kept him captive and forced him to have heroin, thus, Paddy was now an addict himself. As an aside, I think that’s a very good plan vis-à-vis dealing with the scum that are drug dealers, but anyway, he hadn’t told Mimi what had really happened so she believed he’d been ‘playing away’ and had got himself hooked on heroin. Paddy didn’t want to emasculate himself by admitting that a woman had kidnapped him and held him captive.

Karen and Jamie have split up though they’re still friends and Mandy has a new bloke called Joe who was too handy with his fists and beat Mandy up. Prior to that however, he and Karen had slept together and Joe was using the threat of telling Mandy that her best friend had bonked her boyfriend in order to enlist her help in getting Mandy to stay with him.

But when Jamie found out Mandy was being beaten, he beat Joe to a pulp, however Jamie’s already been in prison for a long stretch and the Maguire’s decided that there was no way he was going back. After much discussion about who should actually say they’d carried out the beating, it was decided Mimi was the only available and viable candidate, so in an hilarious scene, in preparation for going to prison, Paddy was stuffing both a mobile phone and a charger into her bum and when their son Mickey walked in and witnessed the spectacle. He promptly passed out and hit the deck with a hell of a bang.

Also news to me was that Ian had moved out of the Gallagher homestead and was living with a deaf boy called Danny, acting as something between a guardian, carer and mate. In a sub-plot last night, Danny was trying to find his dad and had enlisted the help of the most intelligent Gallagher, Liam, to do so. However, Ian got the wrong end of the stick when he found Danny and Liam together outside a man’s house and that man – clad in boxers and a t-shirt – handed them money, so he clobbered the man in question.

Long story short, that man was Danny’s dad but it turned out he used to beat Danny and his brother and that was what had caused Danny’s deafness. Taken away by his Aunt Peggy as a child, Danny wanted to know the truth for himself so Ian later took him to confront his father and find out what really happened.

During the course of that confrontation, it came to light that Danny had a brother who he’d run away with to stop said brother being beaten, however, somehow, the younger brother ended up drowned and the father blamed Danny for it. This accusation prompted Danny to batter his father – I presume to death –with a fire poker.

Danny’s Aunt Peggy was summoned and she and Danny took off for Spain, leaving Ian the house he’d been staying in with his charge.

shameless mimi

So while all that was going on, Mimi was banged up and extremely reluctantly, Jamie took over the family business – something he’d sworn never to do but the family were going under and his mother begged him to. He soon had the competition out of the way by locking them in a shed and torching it and had customers paying up left right and centre with veiled threats but no violence.

Mandy finished with Joe after words of wisdom from Frank at the bar and Paddy went on a cold-turkey detox in the bedroom. He gave Shane a rifle and told him to shoot him should he attempt to leave the room for anything other than a shower to which Shane happily replied, “Oh nice one!” Charged with his care, Micky and Shane kept vigil outside his locked bedroom while Paddy went to hell and back with hallucinations, stomach cramps, diahorrea and all the other fun of the fair where withdrawing from heroin is concerned.

So that’s us more or less up to date; I can’t fill in all the sub-plot gaps or we’d be here all day, but what hasn’t changed since I last saw it is the brilliance of the acting and the writing and the relentless truth portrayed about life in our inner cities that’s always but always done with laugh out loud humour.

I’ll never miss another episode – sleep’s just not worth missing Shameless for!

Lynn is an editor and writer here at Unreality TV and is trained psychotherapist and the author of two books. She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, I'm A Celeb and Big Brother.