The Leftovers S01E01 Preview: ‘Pilot’ is the first episode from this new Sky Atlantic drama

by Martin
Mayor Lucy Warburton (Amanda Warren), Officer Dennis Luckey (Frank Harts) and Kevin (Justin Theroux) ( HBO )
'The Leftovers' airs this Tuesday at 9pm on Sky Atlantic

‘The Leftovers’ airs this Tuesday at 9pm on Sky Atlantic

‘The Leftovers’ has already aired its first season on HBO in America, and with a second season ordered, it’s time for us here in the UK to see the show on Sky Atlantic.

Beginning this Tuesday (16th of September) ‘The Leftovers’ will air from 9pm until 10:35pm, right before the next episode of ‘Ray Donovan’.

The story begins as we learn that over 2% of the world’s population have mysteriously disappeared in what appears to be some kind of a rapture. The show follows a small community in Mapleton as they deal with rebuilding their lives with 100 people missing.

Be warned, spoilers are ahead.

The first episode of ‘The Leftovers’ opens by showing the date being ‘October 14’ as we see young mother (Natalie Gold) in a laundromat with her baby Sam, who won’t stop crying. After placing the baby in the car seat, she wraps up her phone call to find that the crying has stopped… and Sam has vanished.

As she frantically begins searching for him, she watches as a little boy calls out for his dad who has also seemingly vanished. Her surroundings suddenly erupt in mayhem with a car crashing behind her – has the driver vanished? We can only assume so.

A young mother (Natalie Gold) realising her son has vanished

A young mother (Natalie Gold) realising her son has vanished

Several phone calls to 911 are then heard as people are reported missing, but as of yet, we don’t know what’s causing all of this to happen…

Following the frenzy of phone calls to 911, the show advances three years as we see the chief of police Kevin Garvey (Justin Theroux) out running, and we see him witnessing a dog being shot and killed by Dean (Michael Gaston) who flees in his truck.

Garvey attempts to return the dog to its rightful owner, so he’s then forced to rush to a meeting with Mayor of Mapleton, Lucy Warbuton (Amanda Warren) as they plan the Heroes Day parade.

While she is confident it will be a peaceful day, Kevin is convinced that a local group may protest at the event. However, it appears he’s the only one who truly has a bad feeling about the group who don’t speak.

Mayor Lucy Warburton (Amanda Warren) and Kevin (Justin Theroux) ( HBO )

Mayor Lucy Warburton (Amanda Warren) and Kevin (Justin Theroux) ( HBO )

Elsewhere, Kevin’s son Tom (Chris Zylka) is asked to drive Congressman Witten (Brad Leland) outside of their small town where he is to meet Holy Wayne (Paterson Joseph). Following their discussion, Wayne approaches Tom and tells him that Christine (Annie Q) must be protected from whatever is coming for them.

Meg (Live Tyler) meanwhile is trying to have dinner with her fiancé but is continually harassed by the members of the Guilty Remnant group for unknown reasons. After heading home, they realise that the group’s members are waiting for her as she gets home. She slaps one of them and rushes indoors.

The following day it’s the Heroes Day parade, which Kevin turns up late to, however he still manages to march with the rest of his town. After the Mayor then reveals a statue in tribute to the victims of the sudden departure, she invites a local woman who lost her family to come up and speak.

The Guilty Remnants group who don't speak.

The Guilty Remnants group who don’t speak.

Shortly after she finishes, the Guilty Remnants group arrive holding signs which spell out “stop wasting your breath”, to which the other townspeople immediately take offence and begin attacking them, forcing Kevin and his officers to try and restore peace.

Later that night, after having consumed quite a bit of alcohol, Kevin heads to the Guilty Remnants cul-de-sac and demands to speak with Laurie (Amy Brenneman) who we saw being slapped earlier, and we learn that she is his wife.

However, Kevin is thrown off the property after begging for her to come home. After this, Meg arrives at the cul-de-sac and requests to stay with them for a few days. She is then taken indoors by Patti after being told this is the last time she will hear her speak.

The pilot episode ends as we see that while Kevin is driving home, he spots a deer in the middle of the road, but as he stops his truck to approach the deer, it is chased down by a pack of dogs. Once again, Dean shows up and tells Kevin, “They are not our dogs anymore,” before the pair begin shooting the pack.

‘The Leftovers’ will air each Tuesday from 9pm on Sky Atlantic, and you can check out a trailer for the new series below. Let us know what you think.