Lennon Naked comes to BBC Four

Christopher Eccleston plays John Lennon in this single film which charts Lennon’s transition from Beatle to enduring and enigmatic icon.

Writer Robert Jones articulates the burden of genius, as well as issues of fatherhood and fame – covering a period of Lennon’s wildly fluctuating fortunes from 1967-71.

When The Beatles’ manager Brian Epstein died unexpectedly in 1967, it was a turning point in John Lennon’s life. The film focuses on the turbulent and intense period of change that followed, and how John was haunted by his troubled childhood.

Lennon Naked also reveals the impact of re-establishing contact with his long-lost father, and the events that led John to shed everything, both personally and creatively, including calling time on The Beatles.

Meeting Yoko Ono was the catalyst for this new era and the film explores the development of their extraordinary relationship, their growing disillusionment with Britain and what caused Lennon to abandon the UK to start a new life in America: a process which ultimately led Lennon to record arguably the most powerful solo work of his career.

Key cast members include Christopher Fairbank as Freddie Lennon, Naoko Mori as Yoko Ono, Claudie Blakley as Cynthia Lennon, Rory Kinnear as Brian Epstein, Allan Corduner at Art Janov, Michael Colgan as Derek Taylor and Andrew Scott as Paul McCartney.

Lennon Naked is part of a season of programmes encompassing documentary, science, drama and entertainment celebrating fatherhood in an historical and contemporary context.

Programmes include A Century Of Fatherhood, which charts the revolution in fatherhood in Britain. Through moving testimony from dads of all ages it provides a unique insight into 100 years of dramatic change. In The Biology Of Dads, child psychologist Laverne Antrobus investigates the psychology of families. Andrew Martin embarks on a light-hearted journey through three centuries of literary fatherhood in Disappearing Dad.

Wednesday 23 June
9.30-10.55pm BBC FOUR and BBC HD

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