Leona Lewis keen to have her own Las Vegas Residency

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Leona Lewis is apparently keen to have her own Las Vegas Residency and follow in the footsteps of Britney Spears who just began her run.

Britney Spears kicked off what is expected to be a two year stint at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas on the 27th of December and Katy Perry, Adam Lambert, Miley Cyrus and Sia were all in attendance to give support.

X Factor’s Leona Lewis however has revealed in an interview with the Metro that she’d also like to feature in her own Las Vegas Residency.

Lewis also stated that while it’s easy cash she’d also prove herself as a better performer after Britney Spears was criticised for apparently lip syncing at points throughout the show.

Leona Lewis

Speaking to the Metro Leona said: “You get paid so much money to just go and do your show every single night. It would be amazing! I would love that,”

She continued: ‘I want to go and see Britney. I am wondering how great that will be, though, as she is only performing two nights per month which I don’t really understand.”

“Two shows a month? Probably $10million per show!? I’m sure it will be incredible but I am intrigued to see how that would work,”

In the interview with the Metro Leona also spoke about her experience in Las Vegas and said: “I had one amazing new year in Vegas three years ago. It was the best, ever,”

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“I went there and some of my mates met me and we had the best time. We gambled, but we didn’t strip like Prince Harry did!”

On Boxing Day we spoke about how Leona Lewis had her friends feature in her music video for her Christmas single ‘One More Sleep’ and the singer spoke about how at first the director wasn’t on board.

She said: ”It’s me and my mates. They wanted me to cast a bunch of actors but that wasn’t happening because I wanted it to be realistic. I feel like they are a handsome bunch!”

She continued: “They were on their best behaviour and still they were a bit mental. They were chucking s**t around the kitchen.”

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