Leona Lewis reveals she’d love to work with Bruno Mars

by Martin

Leona Lewis 2

Leona Lewis won the X Factor back in 2006 and since then she’s been one of the biggest success stories the show has ever had to offer.

The songstress is set to release her first Christmas album ‘Christmas With Love’ and has also spoken about plans for her forthcoming studio album.

Leona Lewis is due to release her first Christmas album on the 2nd of December in the UK and has spoken with Digital Spy about the genres and sounds that influenced her when it comes to her new album.

Speaking about how diverse her career has been this year the songstress said: “Well really this year I took the time to become re-inspired, and after my tour I thought that it was gonna be a chilled kind of year, kind of, you know, going in the studio.”

Leona Lewis Christmas With Love

“But then I did a film and recorded a bunch of ’80s songs for it, so I was in the ’80s headspace for a while.”

She continued: “Then I went straight into recording all these Christmas classic Motown kind of songs, so it really gave me a chance to just get out of my head and go into something completely different.”

“I feel like for the next record I’m re-inspired to do something a bit different, maybe even go into that kind of retro throwback sound for the next record.”

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Leona Lewis also confessed that she’s very keen to do a collaboration with Bruno Mars: “I definitely want to work with the Smeezingtons.”

“I’d love to do something with Bruno Mars, so I’m reaching out to a few different people and also some Motown people, maybe doing something with them.”

“So I’m still thinking about it, but maybe I’ll try something like that on the next album.”

Have a listen to the audio for ‘One More Sleep’ taken from her Christmas album below.