Leona Lewis talks about her friends being in her ‘One More Sleep’ video

by Martin

Leona Lewis

X Factor star Leona Lewis recently released her Christmas album and from that a Christmas single. ‘One More Sleep’ finally made sense on Christmas Eve when we really did have one more sleep to go.

The songstress though has spoken about the official video for the track and said that the experience was a lot more fun because her friends were also featured.

Leona Lewis and ‘One More Sleep’ failed to earn the Christmas Number 1 for 2013. That title went to this years X Factor winner Sam Bailey.

The track though, which was lifted from Leona’s Christmas album ‘Christmas, With Love’ charted very high indeed being in the Top 5 for quite a few weeks.

Leona however has since spoken about the video for the single (which you can see at the bottom of the page) and confessed that the directors weren’t on board with her friends being featured at first.

Leona Lewis

However the chemistry between the group worked and was just what a Christmas video should have so they eventually went with the idea and she got to spend the day having a food fight.

Leona said: “It’s me and my mates. They wanted me to cast a bunch of actors but that wasn’t happening because I wanted it to be realistic. I feel like they are a handsome bunch!”

She continued: “They were on their best behaviour and still they were a bit mental. They were chucking s**t around the kitchen.”

Lewis Leona 3

“My friend has dreads (dreadlocks) and we were putting flour in his hair, as he can’t wash it – he wanted to kill us! He was shouting ‘Don’t touch my hair!’ It was so much fun.”

Earlier in December Leona Lewis also confessed that she wouldn’t like to have her boyfriend propose to her over the festive period because she’d had to celebrate an anniversary at this time of year.

She said: “I wouldn’t be happy if I got proposed to at Christmas. I want a separate celebration of the anniversary of when someone asked me to marry them. You need reasons for a party and a drink, so it needs to be at least two months either side.”

Watch the official video for ‘One More Sleep’ below.


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