Leona Lewis talks her recording of Ellie Goulding’s ‘Burn’

by Martin

Leona Lewis 4

Ellie Goulding scored her first UK number 1 with ‘Burn’ back in August this year however things could have been very different if Leona Lewis had released the track.

Not many will realise this but ‘Burn’ wasn’t initially written for Ellie Goulding and X Factor winner Leona Lewis also recorded a demo of the track.

The differences between the two are obvious – not just in the terms of quality but vocally, Ellie just has the better voice for the track and Leona Lewis has to agree.

The X Factor beauty who has just released her Christmas album ‘Christmas, With Love’ recently spoke with Popjustice about her recording of the track.

She explained that the track always belonged to Ellie Goulding and she’s glad she released it as a single.


Lewis said: “Actually, I’ve recorded quite a few songs that other artists have done really well with. They should all, clearly, buy me Christmas presents. The thing is, if I had released ‘Burn’, I don’t think it would have gone on to do as well as Ellie’s version.”

She added:”It wouldn’t have worked for me. It just wouldn’t have. It was meant to be hers, I’m glad she did it, and I think she did it really well. I really like Ellie Goulding, I’m a big fan.”

Leona Lewis also spoke about new music and said that she’d be experimenting with different sounds: “I feel like for the next record I’m re-inspired to do something a bit different, maybe even go into that kind of retro throwback sound for the next record.”

The singer also spoke recently to BANG showbiz about her career so far and in particular sales of singles and albums and how those don’t bother her.

Leona Lewis 2

She said: “The thing is I see a lot of fans saying, ‘You should have released this. You should’ve done this.’ But everything has been me doing what I want to do. Success, obviously, to most people is if you get a number one, that’s your success.”

“For me, it’s my own journey and I’ve released the songs I’ve released because it’s what I’m feeling at the time and what I want to do.”

”I’ve been pushed into one decision I wasn’t happy with and I’ll never let that happen again. I learnt a lot about myself, that I need to follow my own instincts, I need to go with what my heart tells me, and I think that’s how I measure success – how I deal with the situations that are put in front of me.”

If you haven’t heard it before then listen to Leona Lewis’ version of ‘Burn’ which was eventually released by Ellie Goulding.