Lightfields – Eve gets suspicious, Vivien is reluctant to talk and Pip fears that Luke is in danger

by Nathan Crudden

Lightfields 1

1944 – Eve still believes that there is something not right about Lucy’s death, despite the police confirming that her death was accidental. She attempts to discuss it with Martha but as soon as she mentions an airman, Martha completely shuts her down. Albert, who is currently finding Eve’s presence difficult, will also not listen. In the meantime, Vivien has discovered a letter written to Lucy from Eve on the day she died, Harry sees the letter before Eve can get rid of it and is shocked, the contents of the letter are vile and hurtful. It is apparent that Eve hated Lucy.

1975 – Vivien’s reluctance to talk about her time in Suffolk as a child is a hindrance to intrigued Clare. She hasn’t spoken to Clare about the memories that have started coming back to her with nightmares about Lightfields. One morning Vivien wakes up to find writing on her typewriter which she did not do, Clare attempts to calm her down but in truth they are both scared about what is happening. The next night Vivien is awoken from her sleep by a noise. She goes downstairs and once more there is typing, but this time the message is directed at her.


2012 – Pip is terrified that Lucy is trying to harm his Great Grandson when Luke puts himself in danger by lighting a fire. However Paul takes the fire as an opportunity and grabs it with both hands, and Barry has to then convince Social Services that Luke is safe at the farm, and after a meeting in which Paul tries and duly fails to settle the dispute nicely, Barry seizes his own opportunity to even the scores. Meanwhile, Pip is spending more and more time with Luke, it is the only way he can think of to protect Luke from his sister.

Lightfields 1

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